Lower motivation? >> The solution is here

Fascinating, as the questions that are presented to me on the Financial Abundance Training  forum often reflect my own questions or situations of the moment. Responding to it allows me to clarify what I believe to be true and authentic, and to create it even better in...

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What does it mean to be free?

In the West, we have the chance to have a lot of liberties. Throughout my 18 years of passionate teachings, I have taught that 'the inside creates the outside ' and that ' freedom is first and foremost internal '. During this transition time, a great number of us want...

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Do ‘As If’ and Let it Be

We are already beyond the big half of 2017 and yes, it is still TIME to decide and OWN your DESIRES for 2017 as the powerful and magical Master Creator that YOU are! Who do you DECIDE TO BE? The more I become 'wise' in applying the universal laws, and the more I...

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