A book for a new life

To marvel, and be passionate about Life is my program for this Year, and that of yours too, if you want to stop running around in circles in your life or business, if you want to get out of your daily routine and create massive changes, and especially if you want 2017...

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What if money was the Source of all Blessings?

Have you noticed that, these days, money is one of the best catalysts for personal development? I will say this time and again: today’s society finds itself at a key moment in its evolution and in the expansion of its beliefs regarding the abundance that is available...

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How do you transcend financial doubts?

Love is a very powerful force in the universe. The powerful energy of love emits a vibration that magnifies and amplifies all the positive qualities of life, such as the qualities of goodness, of faith, of hope, of generosity, of joy, of well-being, patience,...

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What do you do with anger?

Have you noticed that extreme anger is often beneficial? This inner fire or volcano that wakes up in you often expresses an unheard emotion that has not been listened to and repressed for too long. This anger reminds you that one of your major values ​​is not...

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Be genuine = be free

For me, being genuine is vibrating the feeling of “I am perfect, here and now, all the time”. Being genuine is being who I am, as I am, at any moment, and loving myself as I am at any and every moment. And at any moment, relaunching this intention of well-being so I...

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Boost Your Attraction Power : 12 Love and Money Alchemy Principles to Thrive in Your Business!

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