To marvel, and be passionate about Life is my program for this Year, and that of yours too, if you want to stop running around in circles in your life or business, if you want to get out of your daily routine and create massive changes, and especially if you want 2017 to be the Year of your Big Leap in the unknown of your most cherished Desire.

Decide that this is the case for you. Decide to follow your passions this year, and to learn to consciously and effectively transform the contrasts you will create going forward.

For me, this year, it is the simple, light and joyful experience of the self-publication of my book How to Succeed in Business : Own Your Worth and Attract Money that I am passionate about.

This adventure that I hope will be very long (my Vision is to be able to spend my days Writing – Publishing – Serving – Sharing – Reading) makes me gloat. I shudder with joy, I get full of new ideas from the Source, and I feel I have access to a huge Circle of Experts who are guiding me through my passionate connection to Source ;o)

Choosing the path of your passion allows you to:

  • gain total clarity on what is most important to you
  • so much getting the hang of it that it becomes extremely uncomfortable to take any other direction, which would distract you from what you love most
  • develop your innate ability to respond to your inner Guidance, in order to cross the more difficult moments with grace and ease
  • mastering the tools revealing the beliefs that keep you from opening your heart entirely, and living your life fully

You guessed it, my question for you today is:

  • What if you decided to ‘live with passion’ in 2017?
  • What is the most funny thing you could imagine creating this year?
  • What wonderful thing would you like to experiment in the next three years?
  • Identify your three main passions, in your personal or in your professional life. These passions make you incredibly happy and offer you a sense of accomplishment whenever you focus on them.
  • Imagine that you live each of these passions to the fullest. Let your imagination create new avenues of joy and adventure in the area of each of your passions. What would these routes be?

To show you the power of writing your answers – an act that clarifies your deepest desires in your cells, here is what I wrote in 2012!

My biggest passions are my family, writing, teaching others to believe in their potential of infinite creation, and travelling.

When I live these passions to the maximum, I visualize myself:

–  Living in a magnificent property in Provence, including several guest rooms in order to accommodate my friends and family. There is a swimming pool, vines as far as the eye can see, hiking trails and animals. We play together, we share cozy meals together and we vibrate the joy and total relaxation together.

–  I write almost every day, in a beautiful office with a view on the fields of lavender and the surrounding vineyards. My efficient team loves to manage the administrative and a coach who helps me harmonize my professional and personal life, but also my health and my physical and spiritual well-being. I have several computers that support my writing and teaching business, with reliability and efficiency. I celebrate each of my success of bookstore with the whole team of my publisher.

–  My training and teaching activities takes me throughout the world and allows me to attract and meet the perfect participants and organizers to share intensive seminars and workshops. I enjoy a high level of comfort everywhere and my family often joins me to explore the country once the seminar is completed. I take several months of vacation each year to live wonderful adventures with my family, and take them to beautiful places.

These are just a few examples, and I did not stop there. I wrote dozens of new pages in the following years.

And…. all this has come true !!!

The above vision is really part of my life today. And what I have noted for this year 2017, I’m vibrating it more and more every day. So it is as if the new points noted – and desires launched – were already accomplished, o)

Indeed, I have chosen to embrace this model of life on yet another level this year because it multiplies my feelings of joy and accomplishment. It also places me in a flowing state that allows me to play at a higher level of joy in all lightness.

It’s your turn, now: answer the questions above and

=> Be a Great Presence that, thanks to the contrasts She lives, has always a huge positive impact on
the people around her.

=> Do all this in excellence and give the best of yourself everywhere and in all.

=> Let your passion lead your creativity, then say YES to each of your visions.

Let’s go forward to more Passion!

For the Energy you find it in what you are passionate about. If you are sufficiently passionate about life, you tap into the vitality in you whenever you desire.

Get and enjoy my new book : How to Succeed In Business: Own your Worth And Attract Money

In How to succeed in business: own your worth and attract money, prosperity responds to a new way of living and acting: attracting money by owing our own worth. Thanks to this work by Marcelle della Faille, our look at money changes radically and appears as an instrument of personal progress and expression of one’s potential. The spiritual value of money is explained, that through which it is possible to take care of oneself and others. Money is a source of success as soon as it is appreciated as an art of connecting with people.

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You may, as long as you include this complete text with it: Marcelle della Faille is an Author and a Life and Business Trainer and Coach who help trainers, speakers and coaches to transform their passion(s) into a profitable and joyful activity, doubling (and even tripling) their profits by reconnecting to the alchemy of love and money! Grab her FREE gift “Boost Your Attraction Power: 12 Love and Money Alchemy Principles to Thrive in Your Business!” here:

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