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Thousands of years ago, in the days of Aristotle, people ardently believed that the planets and the sun revolved around the earth. Centuries later, Copernicus and Galileo challenged Aristotle’s view of astronomy and the world. They discovered and introduced the theory that all planets, including earth, actually revolve around the sun. This theory was denounced and Galileo almost burned at the stake because of its revolutionary view. Today, of course, we know that Copernicus and Galileo were right.

Why did it take so long to find the right answer? Why didn’t other astronomers discover it long before Copernicus and Galileo? The reason is because their belief that the sun revolved around the earth precluded them from seeing it. They were looking for the answer through the wrong “lens”, the wrong paradigm. As long as they looked through that lens or paradigm, they would never find the solution.

Let’s apply this to today’s world. How many people do you know who regularly feel they don’t have enough money or time or energy? (Are you one of them?) Overwhelm, exhaustion, and excessive busy-ness are hallmarks or even “honor badges” in our society, especially in the homes of two-career couples. Scarcity is our “reality” despite our desire for otherwise.

While we continue to struggle and work hard to end this all-pervasive scarcity, we seem to be making little progress toward its solution. We may even be making more money and have more wealth than we could have imagined yet scarcity continues to be our “reality”.

Perhaps it is because we, like the astronomers, are taking the wrong approach. Could it be that the very “lens” through which we are looking at the problem prevents us from seeing the solution?

Scarcity is the “lens” through which most of us look at life, ourselves and our problems in fact, scarcity is the dominant paradigm of our society and culture. It is this “scarcity lens” that actually prevents us from finding the abundance we seek.

What if the solution to our individual and collective problems requires another approach or “lens” one as revolutionary as the theory of Copernicus and Galileo centuries ago? What if we replaced scarcity with abundance as the pre-supposed constant in our life?

What if, instead of scarcity, there is actually unlimited abundance available to all of us? What if the abundance you need – in any area of your life, including financial – is already available to you? You don’t have to create it, compete for it, hoard it, fear losing it, or work hard for it. Instead, all you have to do is access it.

Wallace D. Wattles writes of this in his timeless classic, The Science of Getting Rich, when he states:

“No one is poor because nature is poor or because there is not enough to go around. Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches; the supply will never run short.”

If this is the case, then consider this. What if accessing abundance instead of fixing scarcity is the approach that will make your life and the lives of others abundant and fulfilling?

Mr. Wattles goes on to write:

“If you want to be rich, you must not make a study of poverty. Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites. Health is never attained by studying disease and thinking about disease; righteousness is not to be promoted by studying sin and thinking about sin; and no one ever got rich by studying poverty and thinking about poverty.”

In other words we won’t find abundance by looking for it through the “lens” of scarcity!

So how can you change your “lens” and focus on abundance? Great question! You can begin by understanding that psychological, spiritual, and philosophical traditions – as well as most success principles – tell us that whatever the mind focuses on is manifested in life. That means that if you focus on scarcity, scarcity will result. However, if you focus on abundance, abundance will result!

Unfortunately, most of us are “wired” to focus on scarcity much of the time. This “scarcity focus” is often a result of messages, spoken and unspoken, that we’ve received from parents, teachers, friends, the media, and our society. From an early age, we’ve been told that “we have to be careful or we may run out of something,” that “money doesn’t grow on trees,” that “we don’t have enough money for…” Commercials tell us that we “can’t have enough” in life until we have product X or service Y. We look at all that we have accomplished in a day and see only what we haven’t done and conclude that we are “not enough.”

Given this are you ready to begin “rewiring” your focus and your thoughts?

==> The Abundance Journal

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to do this is through the use of a daily Abundance Journal. It will only take 5-10 minutes each day once you’ve become familiar with it, and it will support you to retrain the focus of your thoughts from scarcity to abundance. This includes the abundance around you and, even more importantly, the abundance that is already within you.

Here’s what you do:
Some time each day, write the following sentence: “Today I am grateful for…” and then record exactly ten responses that complete the sentence. This trains you to see the abundance you already have in your life instead of what you don’t have.

Next, write the following sentence: “Today I acknowledge/praise myself for…” and again record exactly ten responses to complete the sentence. These “acknowledgment” entries empower you by training you to focus on the abundance within yourself. This is vital because one of the most debilitating scarcity patterns is the one that has us “not enough” ourselves. If you complete two things on your “To Do” list, you tell yourself it should have been ten. You never get enough done. Perhaps you think you’re not good enough at talking to people or you’re not a good enough businessperson or parent or spouse. This is an internal conversation that occurs far too frequently for many people. We may even (mistakenly) believe that this type of thinking will motivate us. When it doesn’t, we “not enough” ourselves even more!

Remember: focusing on scarcity within yourself and in your life will only lead to more scarcity!

Do not let the simplicity of this tool cause you to underestimate its power. Its strength comes from the fact that it forces you to focus on abundance instead of scarcity. When writing, understand that you will probably need to include things you perceive as “little” or “unimportant” or a “given.” One of the scarcity patterns that prevents people from completing the Abundance Journal is the thought that what is included has to be big or important or noteworthy – meaning that anything else is “not enough” or “not good enough.” (And then you’re right back where you started – focused on scarcity!) To give you an example, I regularly acknowledge myself for brushing my teeth before going to bed because I often don’t want to! I also acknowledge myself for writing in my Abundance Journal each day.

So – are you ready to begin looking at your life through the “lens” of abundance?

If so, just like Copernicus and Galileo, you are embarking on a revolutionary new course that leads to fulfillment and abundance. It begins by seeing the abundance available all around you. As you begin to experience life through the new lens of abundance, you’ll find that many of the problems you face today will disappear. As for the ones that remain, your relationship to them will have changed profoundly empowering you to take actions that are congruent with and support abundance. It is the path that leads, ultimately, to the fulfillment of your dreams!

Teresa Romain is the founder of Access Abundance, an organization dedicated to transform scarcity at all levels of Life and Work into a real Being, Doing and Having Abundance in the World. Access Abundance offers a range of excellent Products, Programs and Individual and Team Coaching. Teresa often appears as a special guest on Tuesday’s TGN Coaching Calls. To get more information on Teresa Romain and Access Abundance, use the following contact details :

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