Imagine a cemetery. Under the big oak tree in the far corner, there is a granite tombstone. Get close. Do you see the name that is engraved? Yes, it’s yours.

So you’re sitting here, watching your own tombstone. It shows your date of birth, and the year you died. And in between, there is a small dash (-).

Here’s the good news: you’re going to play with this dash (-).

Let’s take some time to think and analyze this dash. There are two things that the person who aspires to be great must face. The first is to know what you want to do. (We’ll get to that in a moment)

Determining what you want to get out of your life – of your career, your relationships and your free time – is a surprisingly difficult process for many of us. It is much easier to follow the rules and plans of others than to look inside and see clearly what we’re meant to do here – and especially what we would love to do with all of our being.

Here are four starting points to help you specify your own picture of Greatness:

1. What are your current fun streams? Everything you did and you loved doing until now forms a stream that flows through your life. This stream always accompany you and you can choose to go bak to it at any time. You loved math when you were young, but your parents pushed you towards sales? Maybe it’s time to take some new classes and explore this stream …

2. Who makes you envious? The feeling of envy is actually a wonderful way to discover some of our greatest and deepest desires. From whom have you been jealous lately? The Dalaï Lama? Michelle Obama? Maybe this is a sign of your greatness.

3. What have you always wanted to do? Complete this sentence: If money and time were not an issue, I would really like to … work in Paris ? Market my invention? You could start by recording it on the Internet today, and then learn about the process of patenting.

4. What are your forbidden fruits ? Sometimes we tell ourselves that some things are unreachable, when in fact it’s just a mirage created by a limiting belief. What seems unreachable to you, that could be very fun for you if you did not forbid it to yourself? Playing in a movie? Buy a telescope? Write a book?

Once you have firmly pointed in the direction of your Greatness, you will undoubtedly encounter the second important thing about it.

Like any hero will tell you, once you start to advance toward your Greatness, once you act towards your goals, the second thing inevitably occurs. And this thing is fear.

Here is the secret of Greatness:

You will still be scared regularly (perhaps even more often!). But that does not stop you anymore. It scares you, absolutely. You feel your knees falter, no doubt. But when you live greatly, fear ceases to be a reason to give up on your dream.

Because there are so many great things you want to do before you even get to the other side.


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