The subject I am addressing this week is rather thorny, but oh so important for our generation and those to come:

Many people feel like their ‘retirement pension’ is too low, or that they are ‘struggling’ to only get a (small) ‘retirement pension.

On the other hand, many people dream of being an annuitant, and being able to use their free time to do what they love, without having to think about money.

If there are business models that allow you today, as entrepreneurs, to earn LOTS of money and explode the ceilings of the wages offered by the corporate world (for more information, I recommend you read my book ‘How to Succeed in Business‘), there are also powerful attraction ‘games’ that can help you achieve the same results, or at least complement and support them.

What if we created OUR IDEAL RETIREMENT PENSION / ANNUITY here and now?

Here’s how.

The exercise comes from my answer to a participant in the Financial Abundance Training, who said:

‘I am denied a pension to which I am entitled, I have been working on this for six months!’

My answer is this. See if it concerns you too, and how can you transform your beliefs and fears about money in the same way; o)

If you also say to yourself, ‘I am denied a pension to which I am entitled, or’ It is unfair, I have worked so hard to contribute for my retirement, and that is all I will get ;o)

=> You are in resistance mode ;o)

I suggest you do this instead:

1) ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY into this situation by saying, ‘In fact, by thinking and saying that, I am denying MYSELF a pension which is my birthright.’

2) GET OUT OF THE VIBRATION OF CLAIM that often goes with saying ‘I’m entitled to it’, which pushes money away and creates a struggling vibration within you (do you feel it?) coming from the so-called injustice of the situation – because, unconsciously, you connect with the stream of people who feel like victims of the authorities, the tax authorities, the government, and so on.

This unpleasant vibration comes rather from your ‘belief in the injustice of the situation’; o)
=> change your belief

3) OPEN YOURSELF TO RECEIVE saying ‘I am receiving my pension right now; o)

=> concretely, what is the monthly or annual amount that I want to receive (no matter what society or the laws say you are eligible for?)

=> declare this amount as already there and have fun imagining 10 channels by which it could come to you


=> let go of the ‘work’ that you have been doing for months (the French word ‘work’ comes from the root meaning ‘torture’!)

  • and ‘play’ as if you already have this money and are using it to support your Big Why (what is your Big Why, do you know it?)

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Marcelle della Faille

P.S. Got a friend or colleague wanting to make more money while respecting their values? Let them know they can grab a free chapter of my book How to Succeed in Business here (they’ll love you for it!).

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