How many times have you given up on something thinking that you did not have enough money, only to discover after you received it that you could have afforded to get this thing before?

  • If you want to receive a particular object, see it,visualize it and take action.

Often you will find that getting this object costs less than you thought, or maybe that someone can give you a second hand item or that you receive it unexpectedly.

  • Act now to show the Universe that you are determined to get what you want – not to get it, but to move the energies and place yourself in receiving mode. Because the action you do may not be the one that will bring you directly the object or the amount of money, but your intention will be the signal that will allow you to get closer to what you want.

A creation box is also a great way to transform your beliefs.

  1. You choose, or create yourself, a beautiful box that symbolizes abundance for you.
  2. You place in it pictures, words, all sorts of things that allow you to believe that these items or words in the box are on their way to you.
  3. You let go the rope that holds your balloon of desire, and the balloon of desire makes its way into the Universe.

You will be amazed at how quickly you attract those things and feelings, without necessarily needing any money to get them. This happened to me with trips. This happened to me with hotels. We were invited in great restaurants, for weddings and cocktails, without needing to take any money out of our pocket. Same thing for a car, or a house. If you can believe that a house may be offered to you, you will attract the house without needing the money you think you need to get it.

I remember this story where friends of friends inherited a house, totally unexpectedly. One of their great uncles was a close friend to a very rich old lady. He was sixty, and she was eighty. They did everything together. A very strong friendship was tying them together. And this lady had a magnificent estate on the French Riviera where she regularly invited guests to spend weekends and holidays. This lady having no heir decided to yield the estate and a lot of money to her very dear friend, and to avoid any inheritance taxes, she proposed him to marry her. This man married his dear girlfriend, and inherited at her death this beautiful property where he never wanted to go. He bequeathed the property to his nephews, who had no connection with the old lady. Today, his nephews use the property in turn. They rent the property for film shoots, castings, weddings, or to celebrities, billionaires and millionaires.

And what’s fascinating about this story is that we are regularly invited to spend several days at this beautiful estate with our children. This was in our creation box too: stay in beautiful 5* hotels and millionaires’ places.

And simply enjoying being in the park and appreciating the wonderful view of the seaside, allowed me to feel as the ‘vibratory owner‘ of the estate.

If you think it’s possible for you to receive this kind of real estate, you will definitely receive it. Everything is possible to the Universe.

  • So go ahead, and imagine this is totally possible!


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