We live in a society which operates with money. Money is one of the pillars of the functioning of our modern society. We need money to meet our monthly fixed costs, as well as to pay for our expenses. Therefore, our revenues should also take the form of money.

Even if we did not need money, we would still want to ‘get’ something in exchange for our services. Thus, the people we help can close the energy cycle launched by our ‘gift’.

Receiving what others give you means you contribute to the feeling of well-being felt by the person who offered you that gift. The feeling of well-being and joy that the person feels because she gave you something and you receive it, allows her to remain in a high vibration similar to that of the Universe, and attract even more abundance to her.

This is an energy cycle: I offer or give my gift, and I get something in return, that I can give back in another form, and so on, and similarly for the other person. The feedback of the person can take a very simple form, like enjoying the gift that you offered her and use it to make a change in her life, or offer a few hours of her time to help you achieve something. The person is not going to always ‘reward’ you or express appreciation to you in the form of money. However, we live in a society where exchanges are mainly done with money. Let’s accept it, and let’s value our financial exchanges.

Are you confident about your worth, and of the worth of the services that you offer?

You will be amazed – by playing this ‘valuing game’ inside first – to see your partners, colleagues or your boss change how they interact with you.

I played this game when I was a teenager. I felt like a small and shy girl, and I used my shyness as an excuse for not daring to step forward in my life or towards others. One day I realized that most people around me did not like shy people. My shyness repulsed others. So I decided “From now on, I will state that I am an interesting and exciting person, and that I have confidence in myself.”

I quickly discovered that when I had conversations on subjects that interested me, I felt totally confident. I was not shy. I dared to give my opinion. I was myself.

Valuing what interested me and sorting out – through my joyous vibration – the people with whom I was interacting was the key.

By choosing to develop my confidence, I began to attract people who avoided me before, and to whom I was transparent before. I was part of a youth movement and I felt invisible. My sisters were much more appreciated.

Since I decided to increase that feeling of self-worth, the opposite began to happen. All the girls in the group wanted to be with me. My sisters were wondering what was happening. And, me too. Because it suddenly felt very crowded around me, and I could not find my place more.

I finally managed to install a form of harmony within me, through valuing myself more genuinely, so that it would become – and stay – authentic.

=> This week, I invite you to increase your feeling of self-worth. Raise your vibration and see what opportunities, money and love this game brings you.

Oh, and I recommend you listen to Episode 5th of my Abundant Entrepreneur Radio Show. You’ll learn how to love yourself and money in the most beautiful way!

~ Marcelle


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