Updating your Money Messages
will Increase Abundance in your Life. 


Money is not only a unit of measure which allows the exchange of goods and services.

Teresa Romain, coach and mentor of Personal Abundance suggest you ask this question to the people around you:

“What is Money?”

“You will probably get a wide variety of answers, as well as silences and surprised stares.

However, this experience will probably reveal that our understanding of money is neither clear nor universal – and that without a clear understanding of money, it is difficult for us to maintain a relationship of abundance with it.

After all, financial abundance is not only about the amount of money you make – it is also about the amount of money you manage to keep and profit from.”


Here’s an INTERESTING extract of some of Teresa Romain’s writings about money:

“Ask yourself the following questions:

How did you learn what money was?

How did you learn how to make money?

How did you learn how to spend money?

How did you learn how to save money?

How did you learn how to invest money?

What did you learn about having or not having money?

From whom did you learn all this?

More importantly,

Has what you have learnt about money – both consciously and subconsciously – worked for you?

Have you got the amount of money you want?

Are you confident and resolute with your money?

Do you have the income level you want?

Are you financially free – or do you have a plan to become so within a maximum of ten years?

If you have lost your current source of income – do you know with confidence that you are not only going to survive but thrive?

I realize that I am asking a lot of questions – and I’m doing this on purpose. Let’s dig deeper into the subject with other questions.

How many times do you behave with money (spending it, saving it, earning it, investing it) because you think you “should do this or that”, you “must” do this or that, that not doing “this and that” would be irresponsible, and/or if you do not do “this and that” with your money, you are afraid of what could happen?

Far more often than we think, our relationship with money and our behaviors regarding it are influenced and even “programmed”, consciously and/or subconsciously, by what we have heard and/or experienced in the past.

This “programming” starts very early and is influenced by our parents, our teachers, our friends, television, religion, etc.

These influences become the foundation of the thoughts we have about money, work, abundance, poverty, and ourselves.

T. Harv Eker, master coach and trainer of the “Millionaire Mind”, describes the influence of these “programmed” thoughts when he presents “The Process of Manifestation” in his workshops entitled “Millionaire Mind Weekend”.

The Process of Manifestation works as follows:

You have a THOUGHT – which can be either conscious or subconscious.

This thought (or thoughts) make you feel a particular FEELING.

The combination of this thought and this feeling make you ACT in a certain way (or not act at all!).

It is this reaction which, eventually, produces your RESULTS in terms of money, abundance and in all areas of your life.

In short, the “Process of Manifestation” looks like this:

T > F > A > R

If you are not conscious of these thoughts and feelings you entertain concerning money (how to make it, how to spend it, how to save it, how to manage it, etc.) and that your are not CONSCIOUS of the way these thoughts and feelings impact on your acts and your results – then your current relationship with money is both “automated” and “alienating”.

It is only by becoming CONSCIOUS of the thoughts you have – more particularly these almighty subconscious thoughts which are part of your “conditioning” and your “programming” – that you have the opportunity to create your own relationship to mastering money.

Even if part of our automated and programmed behavior around money produces the results we want, the fact that we are not conscious alienates us automatically.

And – if your “programming” (particularly unconsciously) doesn’t produce the results you want, the first step towards the creation of a relationship to mastering money is that of CONSCIOUSNESS!

Let’s consider this “money message”, familiar to a large number of people: “It’s only money”.

If this is a thought you entertain (consciously or unconsciously), what type of feeling can it produce on you – particularly in terms of money?

How do this thought and this feeling influence your actions?

How do these actions influence your results?”

Written by Teresa Romain

I urge you to visit Teresa Romain’s website, Access Abundance, to learn more about money messages and abundance patterns.

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