One of my friends, a well-known painter, continues to paint despite his age because, as he puts it:

I need to paint in order to ‘breathe’.

This friend told me repeatedly that he was only willing to sell his paintings to people who were in resonance with them.

One day he was invited into a rich man’s magnificent estate, that prospect being ready to buy him five canvas. Once in the house, while speaking with this potential buyer who was offering him a magnificent abundance channel, he realized that this man did not really like his paintings. He was just interested in the financial worth of the future resale of the paintings on the art market.

The artist refused to sell his paintings. He stood firm, despite the protests of the potential buyer, because he felt that his creations had first and foremost a high spiritual value, and then a financial worth.

His paintings have the power to raise the vibration of the people who resonate with them.

That arrogant man was not on the same wavelength with the works. Thus, the painter took the financial risk to refuse to sell him the paintings.

A young painter, who would not have had enough confidence in himself and would have been in the same situation facing someone who does not value the beauty of her art, could doubt about her gifts.

My coaching advice to you today is ;

  • Make sure to only attract perfect customers, those who resonate with the level of worth you are emitting.

You may have provided a service that was not appreciated according to its true worth, and feel bad about it later.

If this had happened to you, remember that this experience has probably created an important turning point in the appreciation of your work and of yourself.

That’s the reason why, when an idea comes to you, or if you develop a talent, you don’t want to talk about it, nor share it.

And you want to offer the results of your work only to those who are able to appreciate its worth and make good use of it.


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Be firm about it.

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