For me, being genuine is vibrating the feeling of “I am perfect, here and now, all the time”.

Being genuine is being who I am, as I am, at any moment, and loving myself as I am at any and every moment.

And at any moment, relaunching this intention of well-being so I can align myself. And by aligning myself, I am more and more transparent, my aura is more and more purified, I receive more messages from the Divine and more clearly and I follow these messages in a more flexible, pleasant and easy manner, and so I move on in my life, allowing myself to be carried by the stream of life.

This is what being authentic is for me. It is no longer playing human power games. It is daring to show yourself as you are.

You know where your own boundaries are placed and that you will respect them, since your intention at each moment is that you feel good and give the best of yourself. And by feeling good, you give the best of yourself.

For me, being authentic is living according to our true nature, according to our own criteria. Our true nature is the nature of who we really are, i.e., the Divine part in us.

Being genuine is being Source, as often as possible, throughout your day, and loving yourself even when your mind takes the reins and you show this part to others and to yourself.

Being genuine is loving both sides of yourself: the face of shadow and the face of light.

Being genuine is being neutral, like Source. Do not judge, but be happy or choose happiness, regardless of the things that happen around you, regardless of your own behaviour and your own thoughts at any time.

It is appreciating the moments during which you have the impression of feeling low emotions, as much as the times during which you vibrate at a high level. That is was being genuine means here, on this physical plane.

And being in the vortex is being aligned as much as possible with the Divine part in you. But as you know, we are unable to do so 100% of our time, because this is not the purpose of this physical experience.

What we are meant to do on this physical plane is to experience joy in the multiple forms we choose. And in doing so, we integrate ourselves into a world that is limited. We embody in this world of limits, so we agree to play roles that are not always very bright or shiny and we accept to show parts of us, of our inner diamond, that are not always very pure.

Being genuine is accepting all this. It is accepting when we are in the vortex and when we are not in the vortex.

By being genuine in this way, we allow others to also be genuine. We free ourselves from all the power games that we have been playing with the people around us up to this point.


This week, I suggest you play to be genuine as often as possible. And especially, not to judge yourself any more, no longer feel guilty and not to judge others.

Remember: genuineness is accepting everything and accepting that everything is perfect. And when there are more of us that do this, the world will be able to accept more and more that this is how it is. There will be less duality in the world, fewer people ‘for’, fewer people “against”, and more acceptance on the part of both sides.

I invite you to go further in this direction and to let Light occupy more and more space inside you and express itself more and more externally. Allow your unity, your own uniqueness, to radiate freely!

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