What is success?

For me , success is a very personal representation of various elements : your revenue  level, your lifestyle , your leisure activities, your personal or financial investments …

It is your ideal vision, embodied in your daily life .

What is chaos?

I see that it recurrently stems from three main areas: boundaries, finance and concerns related to the judgment that others might have about you.

We are all affected by some form of chaos. This is perfectly normal. But it is in our own interest to purify it, which leads us to inspired action.

Boundary chaos concerns, for example, the following situations:

• How to manage your time during your day
• Giving too much time and energy to others, thus forgetting yourself
• The time you spend to complete a task
• Letting other dictate what you need to do
• Letting others control your time

Money or financial chaos can be seen in the following situations :

• Your customers do not pay you, or do not meet their financial requirements
• Letting your life be affected by the financial difficulties of relatives, friends or others

Chaos occurs when you fear the judgment of others , and when you care too much about their feelings.

As women, we know this tendency very well,  : I do not want to hurt him . I know he is going through a difficult period. I do not want people to get angry.

We rely on what we ‘think we know’ about others, even though we know nothing about them. Whatever your wisdom, experience or intuition, you cannot understand their experience and feeling better than themselves. And the reverse is true:  nobody can know what you are experiencing.

The concern about not to displeasing others, wanting to compromise and to avoid offending them, is found in a majority of women. This comes from our education, and from the formatting we have received and maintained unconsciously. It is a mirror of our lives and activities, with consequences – direct or indirect – such as loss of time, loss of energy, loss of revenues, and of our ability to have an impact.

Here’s a little exercise to reduce the gap between success and chaos in your life:

Ask yourself the question:

What if worrying about what others think was no more important to me?

This question has nothing to do with being insensitive.

Whenever I ask this question to someone in my training or coaching, I feel a sense of relief coming from  the person in front of me. This is immediate and strong.

You do not respect your boundaries when you put the needs of others – or what you imagine to be the needs of others – BEFORE your own needs.

=> Think of a situation where you’re living some contrast as to your boundaries. What if the fear of hurting the other was no longer important to you (or at least less important than your own needs)?

This question helps you identify precisely the boundary that you would put into place. You know exactly how powerful you would feel, and how you would value yourself.

When you value yourself and feel powerful, you do not remove anything from others.

Power, value and self-esteem are unlimited resources. And everyone has access to them, to the same extent.

Considering yourself valuable, important and powerful, can be a positive and fantastic model for others. They will consider themselves also significant, and most importantly, they will feel valued.

VALUE: what a tremendous gift  to offer!


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