Yes, Life tarots play in your favor.
They smile to your Abundance.
They support your Health.
The Game of Life works for your Happiness.
Because Grace is the true nature of the Universe. Just as you are by nature in a state of Love, Peace and Happiness. Just surrender to your true state of Beingness. How ? By letting go, you reclaim Balance and Harmony in your life.

The whole Universe is based on a fundamental structure composed of Unity and Co-Creation. It creates continuous favorable conditions and beneficial Harmony for everyone. The Universal Matrix provides a state of potential for everyone. Including you.

You have nothing to do, just let yourself be

The Universe takes care of creating the conditions for you that will naturally bring Harmony and Abundance. Simply let It operate, and trust It. Because the Universe is naturally generous.

You do not have to be perfect nor implement practices perfectly.
You do not have to lead an ascetic life, with frugal menus and long hours of physical exercise every day.
You do not have to adopt the best spiritual approach.
You do not have to be afraid of making mistakes.

There is no set standard or better way of life. All Roads Lead to You. You do not have to follow a particular model because you are your own Model.

Stop believing that you must be a good person

You already are ! Rejoice in who you are: a perfect person, as you are . You’ve always been, and you always will be. No matter what they told you in the past, do not listen to what has been said or to what is said. There is no inherent wickedness, there is no evil in you. Connect to your true nature and you will see that you are a good person.

You are worthy to receive the blessings of the Universe

The Universe prepares for you beautiful things and you are worthy to receive them. You legitimately can ask the Universe for the Abundance, the Love and the Joy that you want . You are a perfect being in a perfect world. This is how things should be, and how they have always been. Perfect.

Regardless of whether or not you believe those words now

Because by letting go, you will discover it all by Yourself . And this is ok, it is really perfect.

Let your true nature express itself. What does it tell you ?
To hear it, stop believing that you have ‘homework’ to do. Stop doing what you think you should do. Listen and learn the True Nature of Life.

Life has big plans for you, and it lets you know about them.
The Universe offers you at every moment its benefits; embrace them.
Indulge with confidence in this natural state of goodness and wholeness, and pick their fruit.

Marvel in front of that Harmony and Balance,
See how everything snaps perfectly to create favorable conditions for everybody.
Appreciate seeing everything coming to you easily and effortlessly.

Enjoy this new relationship with Life and the Universe.
Welcome Joy, Success and Abundance.
YES , You are worthy of it.



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