Every day, I like to take the time to imagine each and every one of you going very well and successfully navigating the transitions taking place in you and in your life right now.

Recently, I had a great breakthrough when I realized that all the high-end clients I’m coaching right now are about to live a kind of transition, or are in the middle of it. These transitions are related to their self-discovery process, a new business growth, the desire to speak or write, and more.

Identifying this immediately filled me with joy, and allowed me to see the reflection of my own journey following an existential crisis experienced 16 years ago, which triggered a series of major transitions for me on the way to my deep transformation.

When we are in transition, even though our main focus is inside us, the right type of external help aligned with our inner Truth opens up a whole new space for us find our way to a new perspective.

Quantum leaps are possible and we discover little by little a new way of BEing that is more in harmony with our true nature. Finding our true vocation as coaches, healers, or business owners and in life arises naturally from this process.

As difficult as these transitions often are, it’s a surprisingly creative openness to life that is full of delightful surprises, and ultimately of a real sense of freedom and accomplishment!

Two opportunities

If I share this with you today, it is because there are two opportunities for you to get some external guidance, available for a short time.

  • Podcast series:  Listen to my Simply Abundant Entrepreneur Show
  • One intense day of focus with me, on deepening your connection to the Pleasure in your business, to the Magic in your life, and to the Soul of YOUR money, and much more, during your very special VIP Day


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