Financial Abundance Training

How to make money in the New Economy?

If you are concerned about the financial transformation of your business or your private life, then this golden opportunity is for you: “How to increase your Income, Easily Transform Your Invisible Financial Huddles, Free yourself from Debts, Dare to Ask for More, and Harmonize your other obstructive Financial Processes …” All of this is possible thanks to the

Financial Abundance Training –

DLMA – Divine Love and Money Attraction

“TRUE PROSPERITY:  A 24-week journey to Everlasting Wealth”

Dear friend, Discover my Financial Plan to Total Freedom… Discover your personal path to Financial Stability in the New Economy… Yes, the time has come! It is time to enter into a fair relationship with time, money and how you make money, so that you can Stop worrying about Saving for Your Retirement and Paying off your debts, and instead Receive the tools, lessons and the help you need to create an income that you can rely on, recognising your significance of your works in the World … for the rest of your Life!

This training is for you if:

  • You make your living in the world of business or in a job you do not like.
  • You are ready to start up a business venture that will pay your bills and feed your soul.
  • You are of the top-end wage earning class but you still do not feel financially comfortable.
  • You are ready to find clarity, transform your activities and prosper.
  • You are carrying out a prosperous activity which does not tie with your new personality.  Take back control of your time and energy while creating real financial freedom.
  • Go are entering the next stage of your life but do not want to retire, you want to reactivate your inner glow.
  • You ready to start up a huge project and do not want to make any compromises due to time and money.

Today more than ever, men and women are determined to transform their financial huddles, harmonize old financial setbacks and follow the “surest path to finances” so as to earn more money … and keep more money

DLMA is a revelation to me

This training in which I have been participating for the past 3 months is a real revelation for me. Happiness, joy and letting go!!!!!!!!!!!!


A huge sum of money owed to me by a former employer (over € 6000) is on its way to my account. The proceedings in court and with the competent authorities have accelerated and despite the 10 months waiting period communicated to me this morning, I feel confident that the Love and appreciation for me will reduce this timing.


I feel a great difference

I also want to rejoice over the 935 Euro received yesterday. I am religiously watching over them. This is the first time that I venerate money I receive, and it is a special moment in ones life. I feel a great difference. Positive affirmations work powerfully, they precede my actions and give me special energy. Thank you Marcelle for this lesson, and thank you all for this fantastic egregore that brings out the best in us. Yalla!!


Regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home mom, managing a start-up business, an entrepreneur or an employee of a company, you can free yourself from your alienating financial habits, regain control of your relationship with money and discover how easy it is to earn more … and keep more of what you earn.

Here is your Financial Abundance Training

In this training, I reveal my secrets to financial transformation, and I personally guide YOU to show you exactly how to stop sabotaging yourself financially, create great awareness and develop a new relationship between money and yourself – without spending hundreds of hours trying to do it by yourself. Why am I so sure I can guide you to such a financial transformation?  Because when I was experiencing what you are experiencing right now, I used this process to transform my relationship with money and I now enjoy greater financial independence and freedom than I had ever imagined.

But first, let me tell you how it all started …

When I first became interested in the law of attraction, in 1999, I was enormously downtrodden on a professional, financial and personal scale. We lived in a beautiful house – the house of my dreams – that we had obtained without knowing the concepts of the Law of Attraction, but by receiving money and financial support via conditioned channels. We concluded tacit agreements and had unknowingly sold our creative and decision-making powers to outsiders. We lived five difficult years in this golden prison. We had a roof over our heads, but also a lot of credits. As independents, we had many limiting beliefs about our status and money, and even if we worked hard, we just could not make ends meet. It was by translating the Science of Enrichment (by Wallace D. Wattles) that I learned about the concepts I have been teaching ever since.  I applied them on a daily basis and I was able to receive convincing results. The law of attraction did the rest. The book has been published. The film The Secret was released shortly after and this propelled the translation and my site into orbit. And I let my passion and joy lead me on. Trainings and workshops followed thereafter, and I realised that if I was operating mainly with passion, I would have unconsciously followed a strategy revealed by a good number of other top entrepreneurs, totally focused on the attitude to adopt towards money and wealth. This Rich and Abundant Attitude has given me access to independence, internal and external financial stability. Today, I no longer need to hoard.  I am able to create what I need when I need it, in no time. And I know how to let it enter my world, keep it in circulation, invest it in what is of importance to me, rather than leave it in my bank account ‘in case’…. I no longer worry that I do not have enough money (well, not as often as before). My activities employ a dozen people and I earn enough money doing what I enjoy. I am writing my next book, I work from home (or anywhere I find myself, with my laptop) and I travel whenever I feel like it. I feel like the master of my world.  I do not depend on anyone. I interact with a large number of people. I know I can create what I need, when I need it, in no time. I do not make any compromises for (or because of) money – that is real financial freedom! And if I am sharing this with you is so that you should know that you can have that too. This will require you to radically rethink what you have learned about money, debts, savings, business, sales and marketing. We give you the tools to redirect your focus and attitude, so that you can also get real financial freedom. Now is the ideal time for you. It is time to enter into a fair relationship with time, money and how you make money, so that you can Stop worrying about Saving for Your Retirement and Paying off your debts, and instead Receive the tools, lessons and the help you need to create an income that you can rely on, recognising your significance of your works in the World … for the rest of your Life!

OK. What are the components of this Financial Abundance Training?

Here is a small sample of the modules That I personally present in this training, the very first of its kind

The Financial Abundance Process

This process consists of a series of seven simple questions that quickly and magically transform any problems, stress or financial issue in clarity, harmonisation and accountability. This powerful process is gentle, genuine and you will be happy to see the freedom and confidence you will derive from it.

Types of Financial Abundance

Did you know that there are various types of Finances? Each financial type clarifies your personal financial motivation, and allows you to choose to stop giving-in to stress or financial victimization and, instead, give yourself the opportunity to make rapid progress towards greater earnings, regardless of your initial situation. We will review each Financial Type, and you will immediately receive tips and tricks to implement.

The 7 Modules of the Financial Abundance Process

We all have monetary problems or experience crisis. We have our fears, troubles, beliefs and habits inherited from our families or unconsciously adopted from previous experiences. But you are not obliged to perpetuate them! In each of these powerful modules, I guide and encourage you to create new empowering financial habits that will easily transform your relationship with money, boost your self-esteem, improve your relationships with loved ones, create a new businesses or expand existing ones, earn more at your job site … and much more! .

Great results with the DLMA training

By participating in this training, I attracted more money, numerous new opportunities, and I have never been so overwhelmed. These are great results I have achieved since the first DLMA session:

  • 22 new customers signed-up to my marketing network
  • 1 customer registered for my Guidance Program: Unleash your financial potential
  • TOTAL income: 5835 € including capital increases from April to mid-August and the guidance program.

Thank you Marcelle!


Financial Abundance Coach

Financial Freedom

Here is what I gained from the 2013 DLMA training with Marcelle. Do you feel the power behind these two words? Financial Freedom … its huge. For the record, my account had been red for the past few years and this saddened me. My banker was instead very happy, I was a good customer! During the training and even after, I implemented the advice and tools Marcelle proposes and within a few weeks my account was credit worthy and it has remained so for several months now. This gives me an immense feeling of freedom! So if you are tempted to register, do so and have fun playing Marcelles games, you have got what it takes to win!


The 7 Modules of the Financial Abundance Process include:

  • Module 1: Should I choose between Love and / or Money? Or can I have both?
  • Module 2: The 4 Principles of Currency of the Soul Get transformed financially!
  • Module 3 : Understanding money – Forget about your family financial heritage
  • Module 4 : Giving attention to money – use your numbers to become irresistible
  • Module 5 : Save money – Create inflow of money and free yourself from the shame of debts
  • Module 6 : Affirm your value – Determine your attraction point
  • Module 7 : Entering the Adventure of Spirituality – Regain Your Financial Power
  • Module 8: Discover the hidden power of financial pressure.
  • BONUS : The 7 Spiritual Changes that Create great Abundance now

All teleclasses are pre-recorded.

I have created a security flow

Its amazing how magic works!  Even if there were some events I doubted, I chose to jump into the abyss and trust.

Result: Abundance comes your way!

Lately I thought all hope had been lost … and in fact I realized that all the money I needed from day to day came through unforeseen channels.  For example, my account balance was about … zero, and all summer, once I paid-up all my credits, what I had left was the exact sum I needed to survive.  Thats real abundance!! Marcelle talked about this while answering a question during the conference Heading towards millions.

I re-created a security flow.

I DARED surpass my limits. I decided to do something I had always wanted to, ever since the internet existed (design e-courses). An encouraging experience which is completely adaptable to my lifestyle.


The Universe gives me investment capital

After much hesitation, I will be opening a full body cryotherapy centre in a months time at the gym and the universe gives me the 50,000 Euro investment on a silver platter.  Indeed, one of the clients of this session is joining me in this venture. We therefore do not need to take a loan as everything shall be done smoothly, with much energy and once again life is marvellous.  All of this happened today and despite the hard times, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you to the group and to Marcelle for all the changes they have brought to my life.


See how I am making it easier for you to transform your relationship with money from guilt, fear and shame to happiness, independence and freedom…

The Financial Abundance Training


Educational and inspiring coaching sessions with me on every step of the Financial Transformation Process through PRE-RECORDED teleclasses for a period of 6 months.


Exciting practical exercises that facilitate your transformation to financial freedom.


Manuals and downloadable documents that allow you to easily and conveniently track the progress of your financial transformation.


Practical exercises for immediate implementation after each session, designed to help you attract – and keep!  – more money.


Questions and affirmations to help you develop a millionaire’s attitude and help you stay on track.

Everything took off at once

I wanted to tell you the magic I am experiencing in my life: everything I wish for happens.  I found the MAN OF MY LIFE. Never have I been so happy. Everything took off at once.  I wanted to leave my current employer and we arrived at a very satisfactory parting agreement for me.  I went on vacation with my favourite writer, I never would have imagined meeting him, and I continue listening to CDs on the law of attraction in my car and reading books on the subject.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

I received a huge sum of money at the right time

It has always been difficult for me to get money for many reasons.  At one point, I really imagined having a sum of money that would help me.  I tried facing my challenges and trusting in my old beliefs but I finally gave up.  Then it happened: I received a huge sum of money just at the right time and this money was going to help me a great deal. For that, I say thank you, thank you, and thank you.  I still cannot believe it!


Today, I was able to reread the notes and do the exercises of yesterdays conference, and have already experienced two signs of abundance!!!  Unexpected orders from customers!!


And then, you say to yourself, “Marcelle, the idea is very wonderful, but what is my investment?”

Setting a price for this program is a real challenge.  On the one hand, I know that if you need it, it sure means you do not have enough money.  On the other hand, I know that if you get started, your relationship with money will change for the better (and very fast too). So, to make things easier for you, I chose an extremely reasonable amount.  I even decided to finance your payments if this option is better for your budget. Investment in the Financial Abundance Training stands at $3997 $1497 So … are you ready to make more money and easily jump over your invisible financial huddles, free yourself from debts and dare to ask for more so as to live a new life of financial freedom?

Furthermore, I assume ALL the risks thanks to my guarantee “FOR YOUR WELL-BEING”…

My Guarantee “For Your Well-Being”!

It is really important for me that this program works for you because if you are not fully committed to it, then it is of no use? And if I am 100% confident that you will love what you are going to learn, I want you to feel comfortable making your decision.  After accompanying hundreds of people in this program, I know that if you do each of the exercises and respect the proposed system, your finances will know some considerable change.  Also, you have 2 complete lessons to watch and take action on your own in order to live a better life of abundance, and if during this time you are not satisfied with the results, you take no risk because you are covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Important note: Given that you receive instant access to training materials upon registration – audio files, course documentations, lists and bonuses – we ask that you submit all the training exercises and the tasks proposed in the program, fully completed and proof that you have listened to all the audio files in the training before reimbursing you (without exception). I will fully reimburse you – out of my pocket – and unregister you from the training program.  I promise you that!  This program has generated revolutionary results for hundreds of people and I know it can do the same for you!

“Yes, I am ready to know financial independence and freedom for the rest of my life!

I understand that my investment will enable me benefit from the following:

  • 14 coaching sessions on every step of the Financial Transformation Process through PRE-RECORDED teleclasses for a period of 6 months.
  • Practical exercises that facilitate your transformation to financial freedom.
  • Downloadable guides and documents to follow my financial transformation.
  • Practical activities to implement what is learnt after each session.
  • Questions and affirmations to develop the attitude of a millionaire.
  • Certification
  • 12 months access to the private forum of the Training

Register for the DLMA Financial Abundance Training
=> $1497


Choose to pay in 3 equal instalments of $527

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So, are you ready?  Make your reservation TODAY because your financial freedom – and all the opportunities that come with it – is waiting for you!

Do you still have doubts?

Ask us any question on the Financial Abundance Training program and I will help you decide what is best for you. Click here to send us a message now, with the subject line “Question concerning DLMA” and we will contact you as soon as possible.

I am now a home-owner

At last! I am now a home-owner The universe has given me far beyond what I expected: a larger field, a winter garden (which I had wished for a year and a half ago and had totally forgotten about!), an apartment to be renovated: I will be able to do the work and put in the things I like. I signed the deed of sale with my Creating my lifecustomised pen shouting aloud with my hands raised to the skies Yeah!  :The notary laughed …. The apartment came to me by miracle in an easy and stress-free way:  I had seen it on the Internet the day before my departure for Greece where I was going to find my son after having waited for more than a year. I called the agency saying that I will visit the apartment on my return a month later. Then I forgot. Upon my return to France on October 26th, I made an appointment for the 27th and I made a proposal, which was accepted on the morning of the 28th, I signed the Agreement and it was a done deal!  


Register for the DLMA Financial Abundance Training
=> $1497


Choose to pay in 3 equal instalments of $527

Rest assured, your order will be made on secure servers.
Once your data is sent, you will receive a confirmation message and an electronic receipt.

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