We are already beyond the big half of 2017 and yes, it is still TIME to decide and OWN your DESIRES for 2017 as the powerful and magical Master Creator that YOU are!

Who do you DECIDE TO BE?

The more I become ‘wise’ in applying the universal laws, and the more I realize that getting what you want has nothing to do with DOING more. It’s about BEING and ACTING “AS IF” the Universe has already delivered your DESIRES to you.

So take your notebook or journal right now, and ask yourself the following creative questions:

  • Who would I be if I was/had already __________ (fill in the blank with your purpose or goal)?
  • What would be my dominant VIBRATION? 
  • What would I believe about money, success, my business, and my openness to receive? 
  • Who would I serve and help?

Write down your thoughts about these, every morning for 21 to 30 days. And, ACT on what you receive as inspirations.

Some seventeen years ago, I felt the little voice within telling me Marcelle, you’re not here just to SURVIVE. You are an Ambassador of Abundance and you are here to THRIVE.

My purpose is to SERVE ALWAYS BETTER, and HELP even more people on this planet to CREATE THEIR IDEAL LIVESTYLES, according to their OWN VALUES.

Indeed, I believe that we are here to BE our BEST, and not just to HAVE what we need.

What do YOU need to focus on in order to be YOUR BEST in 2017?

For me, it’s

  • Expansion, fun, abundance and JOY
  • Letting things Be
  • Feeling WELL
  • Being an Ambassador of ABUNDANCE
  • Creating my REALITY
  • Vibrating high and dreaming BIG
  • Writing my BEST
  • Re-treating myself and set me free from what I think I ‘ought’ to be doing
  • Listening to my Inner Expert
  • Daring more
  • Taking more risks

Your turn now…

Together, by stating our DESIRED BEINGNESS, we co-create a new paradigm of abundance, joy, peace and love for ALL.

How do you want YOUR PARADISE ON EARTH to look like? 

Please tell us ;o)

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