Some twenty-five years ago, I was working in this great American law firm, and I was feeling like I was done with my job there. I had reached the ‘ceiling’ of my skills in this ‘box’. I had reached the end of my expansion ring between those four walls.

I wondered what my current work was bringing to society, and to the well-being of people in general.

It was an administrative job. I was helping the people with whom I worked to feel good, because my sole intention every day, during these latest years, had been to vibrate and radiate joy as much as possible. However, the tasks I was doing were making no sense to me anymore.

This understanding marked a defining moment.

I tried to conceive what made sense to me. What would make sense in my life?

Nothing but ‘writing’, my hobby, that I practiced as a literary and film critics for a daily newspaper and a movie complex.

Words like ‘help others’ and ‘inspire them to create the life of their dreams’ immediately came to me.

Once that was clear inside myself, I could attract the opportunities that allowed me to make the leap. And the people that would appreciate my energy, my products and my services.

Offering your services or your work to people who do not appreciate them at their fair value might strengthen your own doubts about your self-worth, and interrupt the flow of abundance and energy.

This is why you want to stay consistent. If you know that your contribution to the world is paramount to you, be consistent with yourself.

Consistency, in my opinion, is alignment.

It is an alignment between my soul and the Divine Source within me that tells me “that’s what you chose to do on this physical plane, in this incarnation,”, and my fearful personality that says “yes, but …” .

It’s reaching beyond the “yes, but …” in order to follow the direction your soul guides you forward to.

In doing so, you align yourself with your true Being, and then you make your personal or business decisions within this alignment.

Preserve your own inner coherence. And offer your products and your work only to people who appreciate them.

=> Where does your fearful personality foster you to say ‘yes but…’?

=> Where could you listen to your Divine Soul telling you that you are worthwhile? And that your products and services are worthwhile?

Liste closely to the answers to these questions, and act on them!


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