Have you noticed how amazing things are happening right now, for a lot of people? Some radical situations that force us to make radical decisions, like selling property, moving, changing direction, etc.

One of my clients recently shared with me her very difficult situation – even if she had been undertaking aligned actions towards abundance, but with few moments of hindsight and reflection on the money that flowed so quickly between her  fingers.

She came to believe that she had been cast a spell …

Personally, I feel that believing in an uncontrollable external power does not help me to activate my own power nor to surrender myself to Divine Power.

Moreover, I’m not an expert in this realm …

What is one solution that exist in this kind of precarious situation?

Believing in Miracles, yes!

And sometimes this miracle includes the realization that we are following the wrong route, and that it is time to stop, to take a step back and redirect ourselves to what we really want …

Too many people have their heads on the handlebars – even, and especially, new entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, etc … It is essential for them to let go of the reins, to go for a walk and listen, and there, to receive the answer …

Two questions that can help you, if you recognize yourself in this portrait:

– What is the first step for returning to simplicity and lightness for you?

– What do you really want? (ask yourself this question ten times in a row, to go and see below the surface of your first answers) …

I’m myself in full swing, having to ‘move’ while I planned to ‘stay put’, having to review my plans and even my desires ;o)

And that’s what I do: I am taking the time to ‘welcome silence and emptiness’ and be able to ‘receive the answers from the Source’.

Always believe that miracles are meeting you on the road …

• Believe that ‘Money is already there’ => where is Money right now in your life?
• What inspired idea comes to you when you think about putting your life, and your wallet or your bank accounts in order?
• What inspired idea comes to you when you think of receiving, rather than giving or spending?

Everything is possible, and the answer is already in you …

I found my own answer where I least expected it, where I did not want to see it, and where, now that I am ready to accept it, I feel BLESSED to have been ‘forced’ or ‘brought’ to it by the Universe, via this difficult and delicate swing.

What is the Universe ‘forcing’ you to do right now?

I am wholeheartedly with you.

Marcelle della Faille

P.S. Got a friend or colleague wanting to make more money while respecting their values? Let them know they can grab a free chapter of my book Make Peace with Money here (they’ll love you for it!).

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