What if you fear for your financial future, because you feel you do not control your money worth?

Many people feel powerless facing financial markets, inflation or economic crises.

All these details seem out of our control, and we may fear that everything collapses overnight, given the premise that we observe.

  • Noticing or observing that money today no longer has the value of the past, is like maintaining a lack vibration, through comparing current reality or human co-creation to what the ancients have known.

It is not helpful to make such a comparison, and nor does it matter.

Remember, you just need to place your attention on what you want in terms of Being, then Having and then Making, and from that place of deliberate focus, all the money or resources you need will flow readily and easily into your experience.

Therefore, rather than staying at mind’s level – which observes what happens and compares it to the good moments of the past – be a Visionary, and define who you want to be and what you would like to have. Then, you’ll be inspired to do something to set yourself into ‘receiving mode’, and easily get everything you want.

Indeed, if you dwell into the comparison, criticism or fear of lack vibration, you cannot attract success, nor abundance.

Align your thoughts every day on the thought that makes you feel the best: the thought of Source within you, which only sees the BEST in everything.

See the best in the financial and economic system, as it is now and as it is evolving.

Remember that nothing is stuck in the world. We are moving on a spiral of continuous expansion.

Believing that a system will continue forever, is similar to believing that human beings can determine things once and for all. This goes against the vision of Source within us, which pushes us continuously to evolve and move forward.

  • Remember: when you feel good, you are attracting what you want.

May your mantra be: “Today, every second of my day, the only thing that matters to me is to feel good no matter what, and only place my eyes on what makes me feel good. »

That money loses its worth or not does not matter if you set yourself up into the flow of abundance with the intention to feel good at all times. You will attract to you all the resources you need, be it through money, bartering or any other way that can bring you what you want.

~ Marcelle


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