Ah, the power of limiting beliefs!

Here are a few examples:

If you think you are ‘ poor ‘, your unconscious will cause events that will confirm this ‘reality’, and that will keep you in thar poor belief.

If you are convinced that ‘it is wrong to be rich’, you will forbid yourself to use all your abilities and all your skills to earn more money.

Participants in my training and workshops, who have shared me their dilemma:

“I would like to develop my innate abilities, this gift I received, but I do not want to contribute to the capitalist functioning of today’s society”

emit a contradictory signal.

They say both: “I want to develop my potential” and “I don’t want to attract resources that will allow me to develop my potential.”

Often these people are consciously using the Law of Attraction. They are convinced that they’re doing what it takes to make this work for them, but this basic belief, which is a form of rebellion against the system, prevents them from growing.

Being rebellious is playing the game of ‘I am right and you are wrong’. This unconscious game repulses everything that you wish, because you are focused on what you don’t want.

It is fine to work differently than speculators or the systems that are hyper focused on money and wealth, but at the same time, if you don’t like money, you do not attract it.

=> Learn to love money. Money is one resource like any other, such as bartering or solidarity. Learn to love it just as much as bartering or solidarity or volunteering, and you will attract all that you want. Do not close the channels of abundance that would be opened to you if you were expressing more promising beliefs for you.

You can DECIDE to cultivate new beliefs that will help you earn more money and more abundance, or manifest a better job or a better partner.

The belief that ‘you can earn money doing what you love’ is a very nice belief that can get you to be much more creative, and to go in the direction of what you love to create.

Or maybe you would like to hold the belief that ‘having money is something that everyone should be able to enjoy’, which will help you fulfill the purpose of your soul and make a valuable contribution to all human beings.

This belief corresponds to what Wallace D. Wattles, Author of the New Thought Movement in the early 1900s, says in the Science of Getting Rich, where he teaches that wanting to be rich is in fact honoring the abundance that the Universe offers us, as it gives us the means to develop our full potential.

=> Expand this belief 

It does not necessarily mean to become a billionaire. It means getting into the flow of abundance, which allows you to draw to you what you need, whenever you need it, in order to develop your abilities and your potential.


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Be firm about it.

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