Fascinating, as the questions that are presented to me on the Financial Abundance Training  forum often reflect my own questions or situations of the moment. Responding to it allows me to clarify what I believe to be true and authentic, and to create it even better in my life.

A participant shared this with me:

“Things have moved in my personal life … I’m mourning with sadness and feelings of injustice. Sometimes I can function. Sometimes my little ego resists and comes back with anger. It reminds me when I was looking for my mother’s love and gratitude.

[…] Professionally, my project does not advance anymore…Low motivation. It is kept in a corner of my head.
I absolutely want to move but I am held by my weak resources and live in a place that never suited me …
I take care of myself, I listen more to my needs. But also I isolate myself! “

Here is the answer I offered her :

I can hear your sadness, and it’s important to allow you to live it fully.

And when you feel better, remember the seven stages of grief – which you can adapt to the phases you have been going through for some time:

1 – Shock and denial. At this point, the person suffers a shock at the announcement of the loss. …
2 – Pain and guilt. At this point, the person realizes that the loss is real. …
3 – Anger. …
4 – Haggling. …
5 – Depression and pain. …
6 – Reconstruction. …
7 – Acceptance

Where do you stand in this list?

Just being aware of it can help you go back in faith that a happy outcome is possible.

Then, your decision to align and focus on everything that can give you joy, even small things, will make all the difference.

A transition phase is uncomfortable: the only way to cross it more ‘easily’ is to accept it and to be carried away by it.

I wish you to go back at your own pace towards more lightness and love of yourself, and your vibration will make the difference.

>> Please let us know in the comments when and why you’ve committed to accept that what’s happening to you IS the BEST for YOU at this moment.

I believe in you ; o)


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