It is always such a pleasure for me to read the messages of the participants in my online courses and trainings.

Whether it’s the online course I Create My Life and My Abundance, or the Financial Abundance Training, the participants support each other, exchange, create bonds, see each other in real life … with so much joy and happiness that I feel a deep sense of gratitude and a well-conducted mission ;o)

You know this: I like ‘playing’ with money and with my relationship to my loving money.

Here is what I proposed as a new game to this person who shared this to us :

There are some amazing things happening on my bank account right now. I receive money for my work stoppage from two sources, the cpam and my employer … I have a levy of € 8 on groceries that have a value of € 80 in total … And then a little later paypal takes the difference!

I tell myself that these differences are magical and that as my mind says “be careful, this money will be claimed from you soon”, I close the abundance that comes in …

So I need your advice and tips !! Perhaps should I go on thinking, living and vibrating abundance?

Do you have some ideas for this money to arrive doubled in my account, in plain right, and really for my own comfort?

My answer has two parts ;o)

  1. How could this money arrive doubled in my account

It’s always fun and fascinating to see that you can create what you like and what you do not necessarily like ;o) (you’ve created an expense less than what was due, and then the claiming of the remainder just after that)

It’s a game actually.

Here are the steps I suggest you take :

  1. Write down every time you have created double / triple the amount you desired, in the past.
  2. Observe when you see or experience things two or three times in a row.
  3. Have fun noticing it by saying: Wow, it’s fascinating!
  4. Do a ‘Gratitude Dance’ each time!
  5. Come and tell us what happens for you then.

>> Let’s play this game all together and let’s double or triple our desired creations ;o)

The second part of my answer is:

  1. How could this money stay in my bank account in plain right, and for my own comfort?

The idea that money is there by right and for our comfort, no matter how it comes to us, is absurd according to our beliefs and financial ‘experiences’. It is therefore important to create the mental and emotional environment that will allow this.

Repeat to yourself:

Yes, it can be as I want it to be!
Yes, I can create money that ‘appears’ out of the blue in my bank account and make it stay in it.

It’s a simple change of thought AND actions.

And, just allow yourself to claim LOUDLY (several times a day) …

“I accept this as my new Truth.”

It’s a powerful statement for each of us, because we can now recognize all the ways we have made things (administrative, financial, professional) stressful and difficult just because of our own expectations and / or those of others.

You want to DECLARE what YOU WANT as YOUR TRUTH.

Yes, I create money that ‘appears’ out of the blue in my bank account and make it stay in it.

This is Your new Plan for a simplest and comfortable life.

So, what do you decide to accept as your new Truth with money?

And when “judgments” happen because you’re doing something totally new or which goes against your old thought or beliefs model, just remember:

“I accept this as my new Truth.”

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