Wanting to be free to BE without DOing anything is to decide to truly feel financially free, regardless of any work, business or income-generating projects.

Is it possible today to want this? To BE, without DOing?

Yes, if you claim your total financial freedom. It means letting go of the burdens of the past and deliberately writing your new financial experience.

Let’s go back to the notion of freedom from a spiritual perspective. This means acknowledging that we are not limited by circumstances and that we are always creating our right path?

For this reason, I find freedom is a very beautiful and powerful spiritual quality that we have great interest in studying and applying in our financial life.

I will start by asking you a question that will allow us to connect with each other. Imagine that through this question each and every one of you is working and playing with these concepts, immersing each of your cells in these concepts and contributing to the development of a vortex of magnificent financial freedom.

Do you already feel financially free?

For example, you can feel financially free in the realm of spiritual giving. You may realize that you have created a story and a habit and a form of joy around receiving all the financial benefits that come through your business or your personal life and so on. You bless these benefits and you develop the practice of gifting a percentage of your returns to associations that inspire you spiritually. And every time you do it, you feel increasingly free. This is one possibility.

You can also feel free financially by observing the abundance of nature, seeing its diversity, seeing the beautiful environment in which you live or enjoying the fresh or warm air in which you live.

Knowing that the universe is really abundant and that it will always be there to provide everything you need, that it supports you, that it is available to everyone at the level of trust where we can perceive it.

This is a great way to feel spiritually and financially free because everything is already there, you know it. And in doing so, you remove all those obstacles that disconnect you from the feeling of abundance.

It’s a process you enjoy and appreciate from day to day.

One last example of feeling financial freedom is with your resources. If you happen to realize that you have an abundance of valuable things like books for some, or if you like to read certain information on the Internet, or to be able to receive documents that are free etc. There is an abundance of opportunities available through social networks that facilitate the exchange of audios for example, or free videos that you can watch. Many gifts are offered online and offline. And it can give you the feeling of being financially free.

Have fun answering this question, letting it soak in you this month, and you’ll feel financially free!

And as soon as you feel financially free, money and abundance come to you easily and effortlessly because ‘what’s inside creates the outside’, always!

Have fun !

P.S. Got a friend or colleague wanting to make more money while respecting their values? Let them know they can grab a free chapter of my book Make Peace with Money here (they’ll love you for it!).



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