decide to be abundantWe work at our jobs for 9 to 10 hours per day, even if we are passionate about it, we still work that long, and even more if we take into account the time we spend preparing to go to work, travelling to and from work, and unwinding from work.

A lot of people, I would say 30 to 35 million people who are self-employed, or who telecommute, we often have periods in which work never ends, even on weekends. And we give so much of ourselves to our work, but at the end of life, no one ever says I should have spent more time at my office!

For long, people have traded satisfaction for security. They are slaves in their jobs because they long for security, and most people’s jobs are too small for their spirits. For security at one time or another, most of us have settled for what we had; a job, a relationship, or something else that happened to us that we didn’t decide on. So, job security is an illusion, it’s also an illusion. We have been brought up to believe that we can survive on a single source of income, and it might have been true some 10 or 15 or 20 years ago, but today it’s not true anymore.

So, if you associate work predominantly with a need to create cash flow so you can pay your bills and support your lifestyle, perhaps you, like most people, have forgotten that you have a choice about what you do, and perhaps you have chosen to stay in your current job, not because you love it, but because it’s familiar and meets your financial needs.

And there’s no judgement about that, just be aware of it. Even though you probably enjoy aspects of what you do, and I hope so for you, you might gladly trade it in for another more satisfying and more lucrative occupation. If you feel restless, that sense of restlessness is a sign that your soul is ready to grow, and answering the call of your soul by pursing a new entrepreneurial activity or any kind of creative expression such as writing or playing music, or sculpting would be a natural process in aligning yourself with spirit. So, if you are restless, this is how you are being guided or invited by your soul to find deeper fulfillment through more satisfying work and meaningful service.

The time is now. You are ready for transformation to opening yourself to the flow of soul currency. So now you want to decide to become abundant, no matter what. That’s a decision you take, a choice you are making, and you want to picture abundance for yourself, and for others. So, imagine or picture yourself having everything you want. A satisfying job, money in the bank, a wonderful relationship, and see how you would be a benefit to the people around you. Imagine what it would be like if everyone you knew had money, and their lives were working, and maybe challenge yourself to ask for even more, not just for yourself, but for all of humanity. For instance, if you have been wanting a better job, picture that everyone who has been wanting one, will get one also. If you want to serve in a larger way, such as drawing more students into your classes for example, imagine that everyone who is asking for a greater opportunity to serve through getting more students is also succeeding. This will teach you that there is true abundance in the universe for everyone, and it will help you connect your abundance with thoughts of abundance for everyone else.

And as you enlarge your thinking to include others, imagining abundance for everyone, you will open up even more ways of abundance to come to you. It’s a way of unlimited thinking, because unlimited thinking is more than thinking big, it is thinking creatively. It is allowing yourself to imagine having all that you might have.



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