I once saw these questions and tried, like a detective, to answer them ;o):

What can be created but cannot be seen?
What can be multiplied and is one?
What can be felt, but cannot be touched?

The answer – that you might feel in your guts – is Love!

If we look at what circulates when we are aligned on our soul, that energy or ‘currency’ is love, which is by nature and in essence, pure, creative and positive Energy.

Love is the source of our prosperity and of our utter fulfillment since it represents the highest vibration on the emotional scale. In order to be wealthy, we want to reach unconditional love – I speak of unconditional love and not of conditional love, because at soul’s level, there are no more conditions, nor limitations, but only the infinity of the Infinite.

To understand the meaning of this new perspective where money or abundance is the currency of the soul, I find it crucial that we redefine our relationship with others and with the world around us. Indeed, our mind is used to make us believe that we are ‘ separated ‘. We feel very often distinct and separated from the others, because physically, as individuals, we are separated.

But – as you know – there is a more comprehensive and expansive web between all of us in this world, at a higher level of connection, that we can train ourselves to perceive. This is what I recommend you to do. Train yourself to perceive the loving link –and loving web – that connects us to each other.

Whenever you feel that your intellect encourages you to compare, judge or analyze someone’s behavior , or your own behavior, compared to external standards, reestablish yourself in this level of global awareness – at Love level, which is the essence of the Divine and Formless Substance and connects us all to each other .

To open ourselves to receive more abundance than ever, we want to acknowledge the presence and contribution of others in our success, our happiness, our relationships, our financial well-being, and our physical health. And the importance of their presence and contribution.

While our blessings are ours – no one can get them on our behalf because everything comes from our vibration – when we receive these blessings and we amplify them even more through our appreciation of them , our accomplishments are beneficial to all those around us .

The currency of our soul is the universal Energy that constantly changes shape according to the thoughts on which we focus.

Remember: the other name of this energy is love.

And just like money, love can be given and received, but it can also be hindered or withheld.

So, be aware of times when you tend to hold your love and not be in the flow of giving and receiving. In general, we easily see these trends when we find ourselves calculating, comparing and judging.

In those moments when you see that you tend to refrain the vibration of love, see how you give love. You withhold this gift to others, but it’s also yourself that you refrain from receiving more love. Give yourself that love, rather than waiting for others to give it to you. Saturate yourself with love, and see how the flow gets back into the movement, readily and easily, because you have allowed the flow to become fluid again.

Our use of the currency of the soul relies on the awareness that we have of its presence, and on our decision to invest in this currency or not, just like any other existing currency on the planet.

Will you decide to invest in Love today?


Now, just do it and see what happens to your money flow ;o)

~ Marcelle


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