financial doubtsLove is a very powerful force in the universe.

The powerful energy of love emits a vibration that magnifies and amplifies all the positive qualities of life, such as the qualities of goodness, of faith, of hope, of generosity, of joy, of well-being, patience, compassion, peace, courage, happiness, etc.

When it comes to the infinite power of love, there are no barriers, nothing is lacking, and there are no limitations. The opportunity to reach your full potential gives you enough energy to revitalise and to allow you to transcend the human conditions of fear, doubt and confusion, in order to transform them into a more harmonious frequency and energy.

If you make a habit of infusing money with the energy of love, it opens up enormous opportunities for play.

In our culture, money is one of the ways through which we can take care of ourselves and others. It can be used as a way to practically show how we appreciate others and what they do. We feel a true sense of gratification when we can share what we have and when we help someone who is in need. There is a positive domino effect that occurs, when we, as humans, feel powerful, thanks to the money that is in our hands. We help our families, we help our community and we contribute to the economy and in raising the level of abundance of the planet.

The key that humanity needs today is to give in a balanced way, based on what we have, in order to avoid giving with a sense of sacrifice, or giving too much, not only our money but also our energy, our time, etc. Money can also be used as a way to take care of ourselves and to show ourselves our self-love.

Develop the mindset that prosperity begins with yourself.
The cycle of prosperity begins with oneself. Feeling good about ourselves and what we have in our lives is essential.

Loving yourself is the basis, but also the pathway to giving the best you can and showing as powerful no matter what, without attempting to influence others. Loving yourself is about deeply appreciating who you are, here and now. This does not mean loving yourself in the future, when you have more money, when your career is great, when you have lost weight, or when you have more confidence in yourself, or when you find someone to love. No, loving yourself includes accepting each piece of yourself because each and every piece is perfect. Our talents, our beauty, our strength, our wisdom and many other qualities are perfect, just like the imperfections and defects that are ours, are also perfect.

When we decide to love ourselves, a positive ripple effect occurs. That is how we are helping to raise the level of well-being in the world. When you love yourself, you make choices that have more of an impact on you. You are happier and you manage to attract the right circumstances that will lead you towards prosperity and abundance. Remember that love, and especially loving yourself, is the most powerful force in the universe.

My coaching game for you: Make a note on a paper to decide that today, deep down inside yourself, you will use this love of yourself in the best way for you, because you are the source of your prosperity and of your good fortune.

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