How to attract money and manifest abundance no matter what?

In our core center, there is this huge awareness, this pure, authentic and intense awareness of the right we all have to be free. And this is obvious since, in essence, we are free.

We arrived on this planet, in this dense world, with the freedom that is the foundation of the universe.

We are free to make the choices that we want to make.

We are free to make the decisions that we want to make.

And we are even free to choose to imprison us within our beliefs or molds or systems.
So, we are fundamentally free.

We realize that we are free and that we have the right to be free.

And our relationship with money is one of the most important subjects of our experience of free life.

But for many of us, the trip to the financial well-being that we seek is a long journey. And it need not be the case. We can easily achieve this financial well -being.

In fact, it is not about achieving it; it is about receiving this well-being. It is here, all around us, and it is up to us to receive it.
And this journey does not require large amounts of time or great physical effort , because we have the opportunity to use the leverage of energy, this energy that is available to us and that the Universe enables us to tap into because we are that energy.

So, let’s use the leverage of this energy that can do everything, the divine part of us that can do anything.

There is a correlation, a link between our way of thinking – the one we have maintained so far, what we feel when we think about money and abundance – and of course the money that actually flows in our experience. All this is bound, and all that is a match. So, tap into the power of the Universe by creating this link consciously, deliberately directing your thoughts towards what you want rather than be drawn into an inverted vortex, a vortex of negative limiting thoughts.

Easily change your vibrational point of attraction. But how?

We have the power to spend our vibrational money – because money does not necessarily belong to one person. This vibratory money that exists on a higher plane belongs to everyone – which processes can you use to quickly change the harmony of your thoughts toward this place or that vision where you can let more money come into your life?

Well, for example, you can walk around with $100 in your pocket all the time.

So you walk around with this note – which you have deliberately chosen to put into your wallet – all day long. And throughout your day, you notice – very consciously and very deliberately – things that you could exchange against this financial energy, against that money. And you say to yourself: ‘Oh! I could buy this beautiful necklace, I could go to the restaurant, offer someone a drink, I could do this, I could place a deposit on this holiday offer, etc.’ And you tell yourself that if you spend the $100  mentally, let’s say 1000 times during the day, you have spent vibrationally $100,000!

So if you place a $20 note that you spend 1000 times during the day, you’ve spent $20,000 vibrationally, and therefore you have attracted $20,000 vibrationally.

This vibrational focus on your potential is what changes your vibrational harmony with money.




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