I’ll say it again: supreme wealth is to be in the flow of money that comes in and goes out of your world.

And the idea is to love the money going out just as much as the money coming back in. This is not easy, but if you can learn to appreciate the money that goes out because it represents your level of appreciation, you will see it return more quickly, and often multiplied.

Think about often feeling abundance and affluence. Not just in the context of money. If you find it difficult to feel abundance and affluence when it comes to money, look at other areas of your life where you feel this abundance. Maybe you feel it in your relationships, in your family, in the love of your children who come home from school and jump in your arms, or possibly in the love of their teachers, in the love of your students or your friends.

Focus as much as possible on the feeling and the emotions that underlie the subject of money. And remember that everything is already there. It is very important, even if you can’t believe it immediately. Do it with the amount you want to attract: the million that is not yet there, or $100,000, or the $1,000 in surplus that you would like to attract every month. They are already there.

The physical aspect is the only thing that is not visible. 99% of these $1,000 exist on an invisible plane for you, but they are there. You cannot see them because you are focused on the fact that they are missing, or on their absence. When you start to pivot and believe that they are there, telling you, I am ready, come to me, you perceive them, and receive them.

Open yourself up to this possibility, even if it’s still hard to believe. Be confident that it is possible. I have already shared this lesson with thousands of other people who have had unimaginable results. You can also achieve such results if you open yourself up to these possibilities.

As an exercise, I suggest that you feel elation and supreme joy in terms of money, and have fun in allocating an amount or a financial worth to everything that is in your home, from your appliances to your clothes. Behind my desk, there’s a beautiful mirror that comes from my late grandmother. It has a beautiful net worth. Notice that, by taking the total amount of goods which seem of not so much value to you, you already have a beautiful amount of ‘worth’ in your life. Have fun feeling this abundance by looking at what is already there, around you.

Then, think about what makes the difference between the sense of worth that you can feel when looking at the great work of art by an artist like Van Gogh or Monet, and a painting that has an emotional effect on you but which has not the same financial market value. What makes the difference inside you? Maybe you feel no real difference. Maybe that sense of beauty and the mere fact of being affected by that work of art has much more worth than its market price, and that’s perfect. The important thing is to reconnect to the notion of worth. What is behind the word “worth” for you?

Focus on the presence and the affluence of money in your life. I love the word AFFLUENCE. It immediately puts us within the FLOW OF ABUNDANCE. To help you with this, use a sentence that begins with “I am…”. Sentences that begin with ‘I am’ anchor your identity in your very cells. And since you want to give another vibration to money, when you think about it, you might say “I am abundance and affluence”, because it is this vibration you want to emit in order to receive more in your life.

“I am the abundance and the affluence of money” or “I am financial abundance and affluence” is a phrase that you can use with a lot of power. While, if you are focused on what is missing, you will see absence and emptiness come about more quickly. And sometimes, it’s for the best, because creating emptiness from the ‘old’, allows the ‘new’ to quickly fill the gap. The Universe loves filling in gaps and emptiness. However, “feeling empty” is not uplifting, because you vibrate too low a frequency to open yourself to receive what you want.

Today, DECIDE to open yourselves deliberately to compliments and love. You’ll be more prosperous, more magnetic and more loving too!

If you want to be more prosperous, learn to be DELIBERATE and LOVING. Let me help you develop a NEW SENSE of LOVE and PLEASURE in your life and your business, so that you manifest money, friends, time and FUN, easily.

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