This is what one of my high-end clients writes to me. One of these creators inspired to change her life and help others align theirs to their own values.

See if you recognize yourself in her message ;o)

‘We are arriving at the end of January and I have no revenue from my training and coaching activity, but I’ve received money!

I feel some discomfort, I think linked to profound changes:

• on the one hand, I am secure with regard to money

• on the other hand, a part of me is telling me ‘But you cannot be at peace when you have no income in your activity in January’!

I’m gliding from one feeling to the other, and it creates discomfort inside of me, like doubts about myself.

To be clearer I feel like I am in denial – because I feel GOOD, even though “I have no business” or at least I no longer have a regular activity, a steady flow of customers like I had in my previous business …’

It seems that sometimes I feel guilty about feeling so good!

Between guilt and anxiety, sometimes I seriously wonder if I “do not veil my face”.

I have to manage thoughts and beliefs that do not belong to me!

At the same time, I understand that I have to manage big changes. ‘

Here is my answer to her :

1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to you!, because you are one of the few people on earth who believe that they can ‘earn’ or create money through channels other than their work.

We are in a phase of societal transition, where work will no longer have the place it had before.

You, you are already in the flow, so that the important (money here) comes to you BECAUSE YOU FEEL GOOD ;o)

=> How do you intend to celebrate this?

2. When you say: I feel guilty about feeling so well – know that you are not the only one to feel that …

We have been so impregnated with the idea that we must ‘deserve’ our ‘salary’ in the sweat of our brow, that the idea of ​​being able to receive it easily is not simple to manage.

My two coaching questions for you:

–  What thoughts and beliefs are coming to you, that do not belong to you?

– Which ones do ‘hurt’ you and slow you down ?

Write down at least 10-15 of them, then turn them into uplifting statements that you decide to vibrate from now on.

And, as manifestation comes from stating your creative power.

–  What do you declare as TRUE for yourself from now on?

Let’s play this game together and see what beautiful and BIG insights come out of it!

3. Have fun writing down 10 ways you would like money to show up in your life and business.

–  If you were to focus only on 3 ways in your business, what would they be?

The key here is the feeling: how you would FEEL if you had a regular income, a loyal clientele, etc.

Follow these 3 steps, balance action and alignment every day, and you’ll enjoy succeeding, and being a model of success!


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