Have you noticed that each and every one of us has the ability to CHOOSE the emotional or practical strategies that help us get more money and keep the money?

And that the more you choose strategies that are aligned with your values, the more you ‘receive’ (money but also financial ideas) ?

Now, if one of them does not work after one or two month of true commitment from you, then it’s important to do something about it: change the strategy, or change your focus.

Well, we all have an internal GPS (Genuine Power System) that you can use to continuously improve your mindset and strategic actions.

For example, if you are feeling fear or frustration with the debts you still have to repay, try this:

• ACCEPT – the fact that you have debts. It does not matter how you got them. A debt is not necessarily a bad thing. It has the energy of the promise you made to yourself and others that you would manifest your dream! So, check what has changed that energy of Belief and Trust into Doubt and Fear.

• CREATE –  a payment plan. Even if you can only pay 10$ more than the minimum amount due each month for a while, a plan will give you a feeling of power. You’ll feel good just by taking action. You’ll feel inspired again and will get new ideas.

• IMAGINE – who are you without debt? Act as the You free of debt. Feel free internally. Keep an eye on your goal. Start imagining what it would mean to have MORE than enough money. Get used to bigger amounts, see BIG, feel the You that has a big financial cushion.

• ASK – who can help you? A financial advisor? Your Bank? These objective people will help you broaden your solutions horizon. There are dozens of ways to manage a debt. Choose the ones that makes you feel good.

Financial freedom is not about luck or good fortune.

It implies clear intentions, commitment, plan, focus and above all, fun and pleasure.

Yes, when you start playing with money and making it into a game, you can see the practical results in what you attract.

Just adapt plans and strategies to your needs, and they’ll be FUN !

Here is my ‘Financial Game’ proposal for you:

  • Write down your current practices, habits and thoughts about money.
  • If they are not really FUN to you, and you do not feel like you’re ‘playing’ with them, choose 2 that you decide to change immediately (even with small transformations).
  • And then, keep up the MOMENTUM by choosing every week to transform two other practices, habits or thoughts that do not serve you in your ‘Financial Game’.


Let’s play with money: BE JOY AND ABUNDANCE NOW!


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