I choose Love

In my quest to vibrate Love as much as possible in my daily life, I often realize that what hinders me in my reception of abundance, whether in my professional activity, my finances or my private life, are my fears.

My fears about the world.

My fears about others, who seem different to me.

My fears about the future….

If you too have developed a negative and sometimes even “monstrous” image of what Life offers you…

If you too have fallen into the dark well of fear of lack (of water, air, friends, money, well-being)…

by letting yourself be permeated by what you hear and see around you….

I invite you to:

  1. Acknowledge that you have chosen to vibrate fear – unconsciously.
  2. Make a new choice, consciously this time.
  3. Choose Love – every day.

To do this, you must first allow yourself to take a break, in order to step back from your current situation.

That break is a precious space and a moment – a gap – between thought and action.

Remain in this silent space – this parenthesis – between your thoughts and actions.

Enjoy the Silence.

Then, listen to the Voice of Love that supports you, and shows you the next step.

This voice gives you the key to your financial freedom:

Being inspired by money, not afraid of it!

Indeed, when you vibrate financial freedom, money is your muse. It inspires you to grow and open up to your creativity in order to receive more!

Today, more than ever, I invite you, with unwavering trust, to feel that you can get what you want.

Clarify in yourself the possibility that the person or amount you want…

can manifest itself here and now…

because they are already present in your vibratory field.

And, open yourself up to welcoming them!

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