in return for abundanceDo you sometimes ask yourself this question?

« Is it morally or ethically correct to give nothing in return? Is it appropriate to live with the money we have inherited or the dollars we won at the lottery, or only with charity money or donations? Is this ethical?”

The simple act of asking this question induces the idea that there is a price to pay to deserve well-being, and the notion that action is required to justify the flow of well-being.

You want to get out of this incorrect cause-and-effect relationship. The only causal link that exists is at the Source level: the higher you vibrate, the more you get what you asked for. This is the only link that exists between cause and effect.

Nor your actions nor your good behavior are what bring you the money. It is true that any beneficial behavior is supported by universal agents and brings you closer to your goal, while an unbeneficial behavior, for you and others, will not be supported by the agents of the Universe. In this case, you will need to rely more on your own physical and rational capacities to manifest your desires. The road will be longer and more difficult.

However, Law of Attraction does not support the theory of a link between the action and the receipt of abundance. It is not possible to justify the well-being – and abundance – which flows to us. We just need to align ourselves with the well-being, because we cannot focus on the lack of well-being and at the same time allow well-being to enter into our experience. This is not possible. These are not the same vibrations, but instead, vibrations that annihilate each other.

If you are misaligned, your physical actions won’t serve a lot, and will lead you to difficulties, burdens and slowdowns. They will not give the desired results, even if you work hard and offer more actions than ever.

Give priority to alignment with your well-being, and only to that.

Nothing prevents someone to live on charity, on donations received or on inherited money without having to justify this abundance through actions, or any return. This is not essential. What is essential is the alignment of the person on her well-being. Often this alignment on her well-being makes her want to reach out to others and share this abundance. But this is not a “double or quits.” It’s natural for an aligned person to be generous, to ‘give back’, or to give for the sheer joy of giving.

Remember that your life will be as beautiful and easy as you allow it to be. Launch the intention to have a nice and easy life, because the more you work hard, the worse you feel. And the worse you feel, the less you allow the desired results to come to you. In fact, you’re preventing these desired results to come to you, you’re pushing them back with your vibration.

This explains why many people are discouraged or exhausted (burnt out), and do not know where to turn to in their business. No matter what they do, they do not thrive. They do not understand why, since they are doing everything they can.

That’s what my husband and I went through sixteen years ago when we experienced a huge financial and professional hollow. Both of us had a lot of work. We worked like crazy as independent contractors, and yet we did not manage to make ends meet. We did everything we could at that time, with a vibration of fear, of limitations, of incomprehension, of anger too, which did not allow us to get what we wanted. It’s only when we understood the operation of Law of Attraction, and we learned to let go of the oars and place our boat in the direction of the stream – with the intention of executing only the tasks we felt good about, in order to finally turn our attention to the pleasure of living our passions – that we managed to get what we wanted.

The best feedbackorgiftyou can givein exchange forthe abundance ofwell-beingreadilyand easily received,isto appreciate it andalign yourself withSource.

Let this be your only action at any time: enjoy and appreciate the abundance that is there, and align yourself with the Source.

So, ifyou really want toact, let your DOING be thatone.

Stay in the vortex, feel good in this vortex of well-being, where all your wishes are achieved, and enjoy every moment, aligning you with Source.

Be it your first action – the other actions will be inspired to you from that one, and will therefore be super effective and efficient.


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