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Marcelle della Faille is an author, translator, coach and trainer of Law of Attraction Coaches, Aligned Writers, and Aligned VIP Entrepreneurs. She is the author of the French best-seller, Le Secret de la Loi d’Attraction (The Secret of Law of Attraction), L’Odyssée de la Prospérité (The Prosperity Odyssey), Le Manuel du Secret de la loi d’attraction, Un secret à leur portée, Faites sauter vos limites, Développez votre feu sacré and the recent Oser être qui je veux être (all published by Le Dauphin Blanc, Quebec). She is also the French translator of The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well and The Science of Being Great, The Science of the Man Who Can, by Wallace D. Wattles, as well as of The Master Key System and Cause and Effect, by Charles F. Haanel; Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend; The secret of ages, by Robert Collier, and more to come (all published by Le Dauphin Blanc, Quebec). Her life experience and her 12 years of practicing and teaching Law of Attraction have also led her to design workshops and powerful training programs in French, in the fields of Law of Attraction, Writing and Entrepreneurship. => Most importantly, she LOVES WHO SHE IS AND WHAT SHE DOES!


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“Before becoming a Life Coach and training us with her communicative enthusiasm in the practice of a New Thought, Marcelle della Faille was a translator. Thus, she enjoyed reading in their original language books which are now in the public domain, and for her friends and family’s greatest pleasure at first, then for that of her current publisher, she undertook to set light on The Science of Getting Rich, communicated in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. “My life was transformed”-, she tells us. And, in fact, the woman who was getting bored in the Finance sector literally glows in the area of getting rich and quality of life, her own and that of the others. “You only need to focus on an ideal vision. Through the emotion it sparks off, we emit a more powerful vibration than that of 100 negative thoughts together and we attract everything which resonates with it.” It is simple, but what should we do with the catastrophic reality in which the media bury us into each morning? “It is advisable to welcome life’s contrasts, from the most negative to the most positive, for what they are: the fruit of our past thoughts and the means to refine our desire, to redefine our vision. Our current thoughts create our future.” Today, Marcelle has become a full-time author and coach, and her paintings – her other passion – are exhibited in large Belgian and French companies. She is also a member of an international virtual community, Power Intentions, which gathers an increasing number of “Creating Masters”. Among the various projects to which Marcelle associates herself, is the release of the film The Secret, which will be available to the French-speaking public in January 2008.” Article published in the quarterly magazine Vivre Tout Simplement, No 5, April-May-June 2007

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