Get a ‘Money, Magic & Miracles’ VIP Day

Enjoy an EXCEPTIONAL Virtual Private VIP day of coaching
with Marcelle della Faille

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How to give priority to MONEY AND MAGIC in your business,
in order to manifest MIRACULOUS RESULTS

Would you like to add Magic to your Business and your Revenue?

Then, it is time to do things differently and BE a Happy Entrepreneur!

As you know, for 16 years now, I’ve been training and supporting prosperous coaches, healers and entrepreneurs to help them create a powerful and fun attraction mode – more fluid and magnetic – that helps them manifest magical results also.

I want to help you too!

Are you tired of running your business in a way that seems sooo inauthentic to you?

Do you feel that you have become ‘Bigger’ than your niche, and that your Soul is asking you to ‘Grow even further’ ?

Do you want to know how to run your business with Joy, Fluidity and Magic, rather than in Performance mode?


for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Healers!


Instead of 4,997$, enjoy this TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT

for 2,000$, paid at once

(including a non-refundable DEPOSIT of 1,000$)

* You’re saving 2,997$!


During this Virtual Private Intensive Day with Marcelle, you will learn how to:

  • First, we do a review of the blocks and difficulties that you encounter in your professional, financial and private relationships, and we transform all feelings of limitation, lack of self esteem, and fear about money.
  • Next, we specify the lightest and funniest client attraction system and revenue streams for you, so you can open yourself to new possibilities. You know exactly what your business needs to be more profitable.
  • Finally, we incorporate these new possibilities in your current business model, and we design together your ‘Money, Magic & Miracles’ Business Plan for the coming year … with a view to radiate your Joy and Magic, and your gifts into the world in order to help others, have fun and get LOTS of money!

“It is with great JOY that I’m sharing my successes with you, successes that I’ve achieved 7 days after our VIP day.

* 6 free conversations where I’ll offer my 12-month high-end coaching program with only ONE email and within 24 hours! YES! YES! YES! The goal was to get 3 conversations with 3 email in 7 days.

* First enrollment today to offer my 12-month high-end coaching program for 12.000 Euros. YES! YES! YES! The goal was 1 enrollment for 10.000 Euros before the end of the month.  So my objectives have been largely exceeded and I still have 11 days to go much further

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to you, for your energy and your valuable advice!

It was a great pleasure for me to share this magical day with you!



=> If you are willing to invest in yourself and receive all the support you need, subscribe to one of our PRIVATE VIP DAYS.

=> The Virtual Private VIP Day is THE SOLUTION for you if you want to experience the RAPID TRANSFORMATION of your professional and financial situation HERE AND NOW!

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for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Healers!


Instead of 4,997$, enjoy this TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT

for 2,000$, paid at once

(including a non-refundable DEPOSIT of 1,000$)

* You’re saving 2,997$!

 Book your Virtual

‘Double Your Love, Double Your Money’
Succeed in your Love, Professional and Financial Life!

VIP Day – together

for 6297$ => 3497$ only!

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For any couple (free, married, etc.) who are fed up with

*  the highs and lows of their revenue

* their relational disharmony

* the fears and conflicts linked to money

* lack of time

During our private coaching day, you’ll both learn how to :

  • Create a clear plan of revenue coming in
  • Develop a relaxed and positive relationship with money
  • Establish firm intentions for relational harmony
  • Use tools to attract what you’re worth!

You’ll go home with a powerful vision of your Love, Professional and Financial Life!


Instead of 6297$, get this LIFE-CHANGING GIFT
for 3497$, in full

* You save 2800$ !

 Read what our customers say about their VIP Day :

After a rapid launch and a total rearranging of my website which kept me busy for these first days of 2014, we both experienced a big leap after a VIP day with Marcelle as a couple. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO YOU. After a cordial visit to my neighbour, while conversing with her, I offered a VIP day that she accepted immediately. She gave me  900$ in cash immediately! Give your marriage this great GIFT in 2014 !!

L. A.

At the end of a session, I go out to my car and there I see my customer (who posted her cheque in my mailbox yesterday). Very happily, she told me she had been doubting but now she was firmly determined to offer herself this VIP day. You and me this morning, have been clarifying my vibration; I learned to give value to my services and the Miracle happened. This is so great! I’m very happy and send you my love. THANK YOU.


Thanks, Marcelle. I already had two orders of €550 following the offer sent since yesterday morning, and an order of €4,000 at the end of our VIP day.

I’m glad because I’ve found my energy back, and I feel that I begin to ascend to the upper floor …

Thank you so much!


What a good surprise to learn today that I would receive 210,697€, totally unexpectedly!

THANKS to the Universe!

Thank you to you, and thank you to the Universal agents that are giving them to me!

C. H.

I wanted to share and celebrate with you the increase in my turnover of …… 160% this month!



May Joy be With You!

Marcelle della Faille

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