Money is spiritual above all. It is magnetic, just like any solid thing in this physical world. The more we perceive it as something that flows without resistance – as it is spiritual – the more we can open ourselves to receiving it, and stay in the flow of abundance.

All the money that I spend enriches society and comes back to me, multiplied.

This beautiful sentence, you’ll want to put it into practice. It will manifest much more easily if you connect yourself to the thought of an easy flow of abundance and prosperity. Just as the mantra All the money I spend and I win is a source of joy for me, it opens the doors to your abundance.

Joy is a very important attitude because it boosts your prosperity. Learn to love spending money. Enjoy letting money go ‘out’ of your wallet or of your bank account, just as you like to see it enter it.

Learn to spend money with a sense of joy, even a very small expense. If you experience a lot of joy in spending even very small amounts, you’ll open yourself to the abundance, so that you’ll know how to feel joy when spending bigger amounts of money. Start with small amounts.

Being the physical representation of the soul currency that is energy, money needs to be a source of happiness and joy for you. If you do not know how to spend a small amount to increase your sense of happiness, it will be difficult to be happier by spending larger sums.

We all have an inner point of attraction, linked to our ability to vibrate happiness through money. If you make a habit of vibrating this feeling with small amounts, you’ll allow yourself to vibrate it with larger amounts.

Start today making sure your money is a source of pleasure for you. You will see that the amount of happiness it brings you will amplify as the amounts increase. The more you’ll give, the more you’ll vibrate happiness.

Think of a sum of money that you could afford to spend in surplus of what you normally use. Imagine, just for fun, five ways to spend that money buying items or performing an action that would bring you lots of fun. Be creative!

A participant who loves candles has visualized herself buying a large number of candles and placing them around the house in order to light them all, just before launching herself into a beautiful meditation. Have fun! Let your inner child suggest fun ideas to you. I, myself, love to open the phonebook and choose at random 5 names of individuals to whom I send a bill.

What joyous idea could you implement to use this money for? From this list of five ideas, choose one that you execute with the chosen amount.

If you spend your money without feeling joy and love, and rather feeling a form of obligation, a sense of resentment, fear, or concern because your inner judge whispers you that you live above your means – you’ll get out of the flow of abundance and wealth.

So, better watch how you spend your money, and write what you feel when you ‘separate’ yourself from it. Note when this feeling is happy and when it is not. Do not beat yourself up if you find that you spend your money as an obligation, and without joy. It is not the purpose of the exercise. Instead, focus on the expenses that bring you happiness.

With time, you’ll spend more and more rarely your money with a feeling of discomfort, and more often with pleasure. That is law of attraction in action.



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