What I hear most often from Spiritual Entrepreneurs, is that money is not that important. You’ve probably heard many coaches or healers say ‘Oh, money is not important to me.’ And they even say it with some sort of contempt.

If you believe that, you will not attract money because you will not be attractive to money. Indeed, the message sent is that money is not important.

Now, we want to entrench inside us that money is important for each one of us.

Four or five years ago, I realized that my problem, my obstacle or even better my ‘contrast’, was that when I thought of my business, I wanted to serve, love and help others – that was my spiritual side that I valued so much. At the same time, when I considered the material side of my passion, money and the attraction of money, I did not like that part of me. In short, I could not balance these two areas in my life.

As I was looking at my numbers and doing some calculations to assess the progress of my business, I noticed that my turnover had not increased and that I had stayed at the same level for three consecutive years. I was already very prosperous, but my intention was to develop my business. I did not understand why I could not have more revenue. And I knew there was something inappropriate in my spiritual beliefs about money and about my business in general.

I am a very spiritual person, and I constantly told myself that money was not so important, that I was not doing what I was doing for the money, and that I should not target money but the people I wanted to serve. Suddenly I knew I had to shift that belief, and I decided to open up to a training that would harmonize me with money. For, this was the main reason for my lack of financial attraction.

You know now that I am well-known as THE French expert in law of attraction – they call me the Attraction Queen in Europe. I know how to manifest money, and at the same time, I had reached a ceiling that I could not explode. I said ‘OK, I accept that even after 13 years of using the law of attraction, I’m missing something that I need to learn.

I needed to know how else to use the law of attraction, or have new practical tools. I am convinced that there is always an easy way to get what I want. It helped me out of many complex situations. This is one of my deepest beliefs, which opened a lot of doors. There is an easy way to do this: I decided to look around me, to research the Internet and see who could help me in my relationship with money. As soon as I found a panel of mentors, I enrolled in a program that resonated with me, and I followed the advice. I set up the received tools and decided ‘OK no need to choose: I do not need to take this to the detriment of that : being spiritual OR wanting to earn more money and being successful. No, I choose to adopt the mindset of abundance that says ‘I take them both!’.

If you stay in duality by saying: this or that?, you stay in a vibration of lack or fear of missing. That’s why you feel compelled to choose. This comes from our education that taught us not to want it ALL. And yet, yes, you may want it all. If you admit the presence of the vibration of lack within you, you can then decide to have it ALL, and that’s what I did!

I decided to dive in abundance, and I told myself, ‘From today on, I can have both.’ This is an abundant prospect: I can have both, and I want to have both. I want to be both spiritual and have money. I want to be spiritually AND materially rich.

Another thing I discovered when I was hosting my workshops and my trainings is that when I speak of money as the currency of my soul, or of the soul of each and everyone of us, an immediate sense of relief was felt in the people who were listening to me. Suddenly, it is as if the participants no longer considered money as evil or as the devil. It is no longer something to push away in horror.

There is a very heavy emotional belief that leads us to feel guilt and anger, rage and envy, or jealousy towards money. Those are the feelings that you want to shift because they are linked to the money in you. We want to change them within us. We cannot shift these feelings just by looking outside. It is society or the economy IN OURSELVES that we need to look at. Not just watch what others do, or what others believe.

  • So, what is the inside feeling you want to shift within you about money?
  • What is the inside false beliefs that you want to shift within you about our society? And about the current economy? About your industry?

These are helpful questions to ask yourself, and of course, decide what new beliefs you want to have about money, your business and the current economy!

We want to see what money means with a different perspective. To do this, we need to rise to another platform of consciousness, more open and flexible, to be able to see money as it is: our ‘soul currency’.

Money is the means and physical form that our souls use to express themselves in the physical world.


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