Switchwords by James T. Mangan

Switchwords by James T. Mangan

The essence of a switchword feels like a laser focusing our thought on the desired energy. These switchwords were discovered by James T. Mangan in 1963 (and exposed in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living) and have been proven in the lives of many people. They offer a real means to mastering our health and our happiness.

Here are a few examples of these main switchwords and their creative influence:

To find a lost item: OBTAIN.
To solve a problem: OBTAIN
To stay young: LEARN
To wipe out a negative thought: CANCEL
To dispel fear: BLUFF
To regain energy: MOVE
To improve interpersonal relationships: SWEET and WITH
To be healthy: BE
To beat the blues: UP
To stick to a resolution: DONE
To stop regrets: THANKS

The Master Switchword, the one which activates the whole of our mental machinery is the word TOGETHER.

To switch your request over to your subconscious, you now only need to use the Master word “TOGETHER” before the appropriate switchword. For example, the person who wishes to find a lost item may repeat several times: “Together-Obtain”.

(You will find other switchwords at the bottom of this document)

It is clear that we too are able to create our own switchwords, those which resonate within us so that we can switch from unease to well-being.

I personally like using the word PERFECT at those times which seem to me Perfectly Imperfect.

This simple word contains all the energy of perfect imperfection and suits me perfectly to help me accept what is. Because I KNOW that the Universe knows how to give me everything in a perfect way without the need for me to worry about it.

I feel the same thing with the word ABUNDANCE, which simultaneously holds many words and sentences. It sums up a kind of energy which makes me feel good!

Finally, I particularly like the words SIMPLE and EASY because Well-Being, to me, is a SIMPLE and EASY life!

Other interesting switchwords, to be combined with TOGETHER:

To chase away solitude: BE
To have a peaceful conscience: BE
To get rid of inertia: MOVE
To build, produce, create: WALK
To avoid poverty or debt: CANCEL
To build a fortune: FIND
To feed ambition: WALK
To create new ideas: WALK
To make money: COUNT
To stop smoking: COUNT
To keep a good impression: STRETCH
To avoid unease: CHANGE
To lose a bad habit: OUT
To build a strong will: DONE
To be aware: SLOWLY
To be courteous and polite: SMALL
To win a competition: FIGHT
To dispel fear: BLUFF
To become more skillful: GUESS
To maintain personal security: KEEP
To transform a reverse: ENTHUSIASM
To remember: OBTAIN
To be handsome and friendly: PRAISE
TO find a lost item: OBTAIN
To acquire taste: COPY
To solve a problem: OBTAIN
To keep a secret: ALWAYS
To wipe out a negative thought: CANCEL
To suppress agitation: COVER
To sell: GIVE
To sleep: OUT
To be healthy: BE
To build: PUT
To be liked: SMALL
To learn a secret: WAIT
To invent: OBTAIN
To improve telepathy: ENTER
To stop regrets: THANKS
To cure hypersensitivity: DIVE
To cure impatience: SLOWLY
To increase endurance: CONTINUE
To stop criticizing: PRAISE
To chase away the blues: UP

Copyright Crée-Ta-Vie© Marcelle della Faille 2006

Marcelle della Faille, author, coach and translator of books on personal development and sensitization to our true Nature, proposes to discover or rediscover the principles of the New Thought and the Law of Attraction. Through the books she has written or spontaneously translated and republished, she shares with you very ancient secrets in order to enable YOU too to REACH WELL-BEING in your life!

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