The 17-second Game

The 17-second Game

The ideal of our soul is Big. Consequently, it is important that our mental image sees Big. That we see Big. The Universe answers all our requests. Like the genie in Aladdin’s lamp, it tells us: “Your desires are my orders”.

We can request what we want very precisely and everything we want. Not the small thing we think we deserve. The Law of Attraction does not know merit. It is an exact science which behaves similarly and instantly for all, Whatever the race, the age, the past, the education, the behavior is. We are all equal in the face of the Universe and this law of creation.

So let’s see Big, let’s imagine the life of our dreams, everything it contains, absolutely everything. We can have it All by requesting it today! The environment in which we now live is the reflection of our past desires, our past requests and our past thoughts.

We have the power to create the future of our dreams from our present thoughts. We can also use this power and let us embark on the adventure of creation with a big C!

The attention we give to the thought of our ideal dream permeates the Universal Original Substance and imprints the truth of our supreme desire. Our focus on the clear mental image of this desire expresses the very truth of this thought and sends a powerful message to the Universe. Our energies gather to leave an indelible trace generating the setting in motion of the processes which are going to gather other energies vibrating on the same level and aggregate them until they form our desire.

The focus of our though on our desire leads us to its deep meaning in our life.
We touch the Why of what we want by keeping on imagining having it and visualizing it in detail. We refine our request and send a request which is more and more real, rid of all the pretence of our ego and totally in line with our soul’s wish.

It is possible for us to cancel all of our “negative”, and therefore unpleasant, thoughts with the 17-second game. Thoughts such as “I will never manage” or “It is not for me” can be transformed at the speed of lightening with the focus alone of our thought on the goal we have set for ourselves. This is a very powerful game and very easy to play, at any time, anywhere, and privately.

In this game, you transform in 17 seconds any thought which is not helping you and is not contributing to create what you want by turning it around 180° and focusing on its positive opposite for 17 seconds.

Let’s consider one of our above examples, “I’ll never manage”, which we turn around 180°into “I will manage”. Let’s focus now on this affirmation for 17 seconds, by feeling the pleasure it gives us, and there it is.

This process totally cancels out the impact of the first thought on your life, because positive thoughts have a much more powerful energy than negative thoughts. And all powerful visualization, focused on the feeling of our ideal life gets us closer each time to it!

Marcelle della Faille, author, coach and translator of books on personal development and sensitization to our true Nature, proposes to discover or rediscover the principles of the New Thought and the Law of Attraction. Through the books she has written or spontaneously translated and republished, she shares with you very ancient secrets in order to enable YOU too to REACH WELL-BEING in your life!

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