The Appraisal List of My Partner

The Appraisal List of My Partner

Here’s a quick exercise I recommend you carry out daily for 30 days, in order to:

– settle the habit of “seeing” your partner’s good aspects and

– activate inside yourself and your partner the aspects you like the most about him/her.

This will allow you to settle or to reinforce harmony in your relationship.

This exercise can also be carried out for all members of a group, a family…

Date: ……..

The 10 things I particularly like about my partner are (for example):

1. He/she is incredibly handsome/pretty and has a wonderful body

2. He/she is clever, generous and full of compassion

3. He/she is great with children and often let the child within play

4. He/she is ambitious and has high expectations

5. He/she loves cuddles

6. He/she is funny and is fun

7. He/she loves himself/herself and knows his/her own worth

8. He/she is strong

9. He/she is good and loving

10. He/she supports me

Have fun with this tool and see your relationship transform itself before your very eyes!



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