The Power of Wanted Results – New!

Here’s a very simple exercise based on the concepts of the Law of Attraction, which will help you clarify your thinking when it appears to you as confused ;o)

Simply answer the following questions and see how your energy rises when you focus your attention on what you are passionate about!

The Power of Wanted Results

1) What do you NOT want?

(for example, I don’t want to disperse myself, undertake too many things at the same time. I don’t want to hesitate faced with opportunities. I don’t want to accept having to depend on other people’s opinion to operate my own choices. I don’t want to be confused…)

==> To be used only for better clarity and as a switch.

If you realize that there are beliefs which limit you, ask yourself:
“Why do I believe this?”
“What would happen if I didn’t believe this?”

2) What do you WANT?

Flip your “I do not want” 180 degrees.

(for example: I want to focus my attention on one or two things I am passionate about now. I want to devote myself to what I like the most. I want to make my decisions with peace and clarity, autonomously and independently. I want to see clearly in my life…)

3) WHY do you want this?

(for example, because I know that I can feel fulfilled by devoting myself to what I am passionate about, because I feel powerful and confident when I make inspired choices…)

4) What do you FEEL about having all of this right now?

Imagine a magic wand, and abracadabra!, everything you want is instantly granted to you. How do you feel now that everything you want has been granted?

(for example, I feel full of energy, I am so happy, I can identify my force and my creative power,…)

5) What NOW?

What are you going to do now that your deepest desires been granted?

(for example, I am going to devote myself to my passion, travel, meet people, support such or such charity, enjoy myself, look after myself, etc…)

6) Why do you KNOW that all of this is going to come true?

Here, you may write down what you are grateful for.
The expression of Gratitude is one of the main elements of the manifestation of our desires.

What do you like about yourself? About those around you? In your current situation? etc.

By doing so, you emit a powerful vibration which matches exactly the feeling of well-being you are looking for, and you therefore attract more opportunities which will contribute to making you feel this same vibration of well-being ;o)

Each time you feel your energy is falling, reread your answers or answer those questions again in order to clarify your thought.

The feeling of unease often comes from the confusion inside us, of our non-alignment with what we want. This exercise re-focuses us each time!
It is very powerful!

May your Day be Beautiful!


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