The Shower of Abundance

(directly from Sandy Foster)

“Sit down comfortably, with your feet flat on the ground, your back straight and your hands on your knees with the palms facing up. Gently close your eyes.

Imagine that you are surrounded by tiny particles of abundance, that you are immersed in a sea of prosperity, and that you can stretch out your arm, touch it and bring it into your life each time you want it.

When you are ready, take a long and deep inhalation and count to three.
Inflate your lungs; fill them up completely with abundance.

Imagine that you inhale these particles of prosperity and that they fill every fiber of your being.
Feel this feeling of being bathed in abundance.

Hold your breath counting to nine and feel every atom, every cell of your whole body swollen with prosperity, full of abundance, vibrating with riches.
Then, slowly, counting to six, exhale this Abundance so that it may circulate through the entire Universe – really force the air out of you.

Again, take a deep, long inhalation of abundance.

This time, see your body light up from within and out, shining with prosperity, glittering with riches, dazzling with fortune.
Again, hold your breath counting to nine.
See this incandescence, feel this incandescence.
Then, once again, exhale the abundance so that it may circulate through the entire Universe.

One last time, slowly inhale abundance and count to three and, holding your breath and counting to nine, imagine and feel what it feels like to be totally abundant, to be amazingly fortunate, to have reached financial freedom and to be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Feel the feeling this gives you.
Feel this lightness, this freedom and this happiness.
Develop this feeling.
Feel it bathe your whole body.
Embrace this amazing feeling in your whole body, your whole mind, and your whole soul.

And for the last time, slowly exhale this abundance and this prosperity so that they may circulate through the entire Universe.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, feeling prosperous, feeling fortunate, and feeling rich, rich, rich!”

Practice this exercise each morning!
After a while, you will even be able to do it without closing your eyes and know that you are attracting prosperity at every moment!

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