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if you are willing to do anything to earn money,

What follows contains some powerful lessons.
I am only speaking here to individuals who desire
to live in abundance, while remaining aligned with who they are.

If you want, deep down inside of yourself, to keep to your values and your identity, and you’re wondering how to achieve financial freedom while remaining yourself, read this message to the end.

It is no coincidence that you landed here. The law of attraction responds to our requests. I will do everything I can here to give you the keys to a new life, a rich life. You no longer have to choose between opening the door and leaving it locked.

Perhaps the day you don’t listen enough to find out if you are living in harmony with who you really are. It’s not serious. We all do it at times.

If you really want to live according to your values, you are in the right place. I will return to this point, to explain how I personally solved this internal conflict. It was completely blocking my access to financial freedom.

Do you want to lead a life that blossoms in ALL areas? There are few people who respond negatively to this question. We deserve to be happy in our love life, our social relationships, etc.

Money is a painful subject for many of us. Many beliefs limit us from our childhood, and in adulthood, we do not understand why we are not earning, despite all our efforts.

This is the first error. If you believe that the amount of money you can earn is proportional to the amount of effort that you put in, you’ll never be rich. We all 24 hours in a day. It is our choices that determine the current situation we are in.

Our financial health does NOT depend on:

  • our boss;
  • the government;
  • our customers;
  • our family situation;
  • bankers;
  • or even Robin Hood…

In short, it depends on no one else but ourselves.

You’re in charge of the money that you have in your bank account today. This news will instantly make some people feel down. You may feel incapable, without value.

But being responsible for this situation is a GIFT. We have the opportunity to choose to be rich or poor! It’s as simple as that!

You have the power, remember that. It is a key that will lead you to abundance if that is what you want. As of today, you can choose what’s best for you. I’ll show you how.

A few years ago, I was in financial distress. I started my business as an entrepreneur with a lot of limiting beliefs. We had two children to feed and by the end of the month, we were always in the red. And a third child was on the way!

I didn’t know where to look.

And as problems never arrive on their own, other areas of my life were difficult. I ran into trouble in my marriage, and some of my social relations were very, very tense.

You have probably experienced this, all the negative events that follow one after the other…

It’s quite logical if we apply the law of attraction here: I was focused on my problems, so I attracted… problems!

Fortunately, those days are over for me. Now, as soon as I see the painful moments, I know how to identify and break the vicious circle that tries to take root. And above all, I have the happiness of knowing that whatever happens, money will be always present in my life.

This change happened when I discovered a very special book. Slowly, I attracted other valuable resources, and I read more and more on the subject. In a few months, I went from almost being in poverty, to financial independence.

Not only did I enrich myself day after day, but I increasingly didn’t feel like I was working because I was expressing my talent. This is the very definition of “live your passion”. In the space of a few weeks, I created a small paradise for myself!

Everyone can create their OWN paradise

If I made it, anyone can do it. Quite simply anyone. As I said at the beginning, I think that it is essential to act according to the values that guide us. I have not agreed to deny who I am, and life has given me all these gifts in response to this choice.

When it comes down to it, it isn’t money that we desire. What we want are the sensations that accompany the fact that we feel safe with money, knowing that you will never lack for anything on the material plane.

What would you do if you were totally free in financial terms? Would you stay in your current job? What would your home look like? How would you travel?

You may feel like travelling, or carry out projects to make your children grow up happy. You may also want a quality wardrobe, with luxury items. A car that’s more comfortable and looks good.

You certainly want to contribute on a larger scale.

I told you earlier of an internal conflict that I faced. Among my values, are joy and sharing. And like many, I thought that the accumulation of wealth was not compatible with my desire to help others. I wanted to give generously.

In this way, I forbid myself from being rich. However, I understood later that being rich meant I could give much more! It’s a treat in itself to give generously. What is magic, is that when we give, we receive ten times as much back through unexpected channels. Try it for yourself by giving a little as soon as you get the chance! You will be happy to give, happy to receive.

Let’s summarize everything that has been said so far. You want to live in abundance. Abundance of love, money, health… If you have read my emails, or just my story above, you understand that this is quite possible.

All this has been possible for me, and it is possible for you. Today, it’s your turn to enter a life filled with riches and the treasures of life.

You have the right to all of this. And you do not need to do twice or three times as much work to achieve this. Anyway, there is only a fixed amount of time in a day.

You need to create positive and constructive thoughts. You need to say who you are. You need to build a new mind-set of wealth. How to Succeed in Business is designed to introduce you to all these tools in a simple, direct and concrete way. No boring theory, but practice, games and results.

How to Succeed in Business the key book for your success according to YOUR values

I’d be happy to show you the way. As a writer, translator, coach, and trainer of coaches in the Law of Attraction, Authors Aligned and VIP Entrepreneurs Aligned, I collected together the fruits of decades of experience in one single book.

I accompanied hundreds of people on the way to financial abundance. It’s always the same great joy for me to see someone create the life they have always wanted. It’s not magic, it’s just focused work, and this focus creates the desired results.

My journey meant I met key players of the law of attraction. Their energy made me move forwards in record time.

I made the most of these meetings and this teaching to build the skeleton of How to Succeed in Business. I created thematic chapters in a very specific order, to allow you to access financial independence as soon as possible:

  • Chapter 1: How to own your worth
  • CHAPTER 2 The vision
  • CHAPTER 3 Love
  • CHAPTER 4 Freedom
  • CHAPTER 5 Expansion
  • CHAPTER 6 Unity
  • CHAPTER 7 Acknowledgement
  • CHAPTER 8 Money is the sinews of peace
  • Chapter 9 Money is our ally
  • CHAPTER 10 Good luck or bad luck: what do you believe in?

The solution for accessing abundance comes from within YOU. Everything starts from the inside. First, you will learn to know yourself better and then to gather together your finest forces. Buoyed up with energy, you’ll not be working in greater quantities, but you will naturally make changes that will unlock everything.

You will progress at an impressive speed. The people around you might notice some changes in you: you will look more radiant. And pay attention, because your joy will be infectious.

You will feel joy on a daily basis, because it is inevitable when we know that we are moving in the direction that we have always wanted to follow.

What do readers say?

Like all books by Marcelle, I loved it. I can confirm that the advice is effective. For 20 years, I have been applying the law of attraction (at the time I didn’t know it was called that) and so I have been able to create an extraordinary life. Never forget that the success begins in us and that everything that exists was once dreamed about. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to create the ideal job and pursue their dreams


Reading it “enveloped” me in optimism and smoothed away the fears I had about the future. Today, I am completely certain of my ability to co-create a bright future for myself, despite being in my fifties. Many opportunities are within my reach and I see it every day. Before, I couldn’t see them, that’s all there is to it. My brakes and way in which I limited myself faded over time because I trusted, and because Marcelle has simplified the steps. This confidence allows me to progress peacefully with my project for financial independence.



‘How to succeed in business’ is an excellent book. It contains practical exercises to be implemented on a daily basis. Thank you very much, Marcelle.


What do you get by deciding on ‘How to Succeed in Business’?

The information contained in the book are of a value much higher than the sale price. Throughout the ten chapters, you will receive an education that will serve you throughout your life. You’ll know exactly how to shape your creative thoughts, make the most of yourself in joy, all while not having to make a superhuman effort! Money will be attracted because the Law of Attraction is being implemented.

But that’s not all!

To keep your motivation strong over time, I’ve included two exceptional bonuses. If, from today onwards, you apply the teaching you’ll discover, you will be sure to see amazing changes that will transform your universe!


  • An exclusive interview:
    • The secrets that all rich people use on a daily basis
    • How to attract money while remaining spiritual
    • Trusting in money and your financial situation
  • An exclusive video “Access your Inner Expert”:
    • Why self-esteem and the money you receive are related
    • How to boost your self-esteem
    • How to become naturally radiant and magnetic, and attract positive people and money at the same time

Value of the bonus: $197 – Offered

These two videos are normally reserved for training that costs several hundred euros. If you order a copy of the book How to Succeed in Business, I can make you this offer, but these bonuses will end in a few days.

When you are not able to read, when driving for example, listen to this valuable information at any time and let it sink in. Repetition is important when you learn to change your thoughts to live better.

What is my investment?

The information I share is not quantifiable in financial terms. You will learn to take your life to a much higher level, and to get to know yourself better. Your philosophy of life might change you, and your authenticity will strengthen a little more each day if you play the games from the book.

Some items are taken from my events or from seminars by well-known people, for which people pay thousands of euros or dollars for one single day.

Obviously I won’t ask you for thousands or even hundreds of dollars, even if the content without the bonuses is worth it.

How to Succeed in Business is immediately available for $67 before VAT ($70,69 with VAT).

For only $67, you receive:

  • How to Succeed in Business
  • The Exclusive Interview (value $100)
  • A Boost of Potential in Access your Inner Expert (value: $97)

Take note, this special offer is for a limited time only.

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Questions and Answers

I'm not an entrepreneur, so is How to Succeed in Business useful to me?

The notion of ‘business success’ in the title is used in the broad sense: you are an entrepreneur in your life, whether you like it or not.

Your job is independent of the results you will achieve with How to Succeed in Business. I teach a mind-set that applies to everyone: professionals, housewives, students, and retired people. The main condition is to have the intention of succeeding by remaining ethical and aligned with its values; in short by being who we are.

We are in a period of change on a global scale. Now, it is the “being” that comes before “the doing”. I explain what all this means in detail, in How to Succeed in Business


I'm not sure I know my values; how can I find them?

There are tools available to find out what they really are. You can sense the values that are yours, and becoming aware of them is revelatory. This way, you are sure of being correctly aligned, which gives you additional power.

The entire first chapter of How to Succeed in Business focuses on the determination of your WORTH.


How do I know if it can work for me?

To find out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to access financial abundance?
  • Do I want to have fun along the path that leads to it?
  • Do I want to stay aligned, ethical and authentic?

If you answered YES to all these questions, you are ready to reap the benefits of How to Succeed in Business.


How is ‘How to Succeed in Business’ different from other books on the Law of Attraction?

I was among the first to teach the law of attraction in the francophone world. It is true that since then, resources on the subject have multiplied. Nevertheless, the number of clients I have has never stopped growing. On the one hand, it’s because I’m still authentic, while on the other, it’s because I am always looking for new knowledge. Being in contact with American leaders on the Law of Attraction, such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, for example, has allowed me to bring new resources to the francophone market.

How to Succeed in Business is a digest of all the most POWERFUL teachings I have collected together over the years. I have observed hundreds of situations, discovered the points in common to all those who succeed, and those who consistently fail.

The keys that I deliver are new and different. I also introduced the notion of games. The practical applications you will have to carry out are in fact games, because they wake up our inner child. Play these games to become richer!

What happens after I place my order?

You will immediately receive How to Succeed in Business as a PDF as well as the bonus material to download. Save them on your device so you can access them even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

And what happens if I don’t see any results?

My priority is to provide quality premium content. I want each of my clients to feel as if they are a King or a Queen ;o) That is why, if you are not satisfied for any reason, I will refund you in full within 30 days.

Yes, you read that right. I take all the risks myself because I want to see you succeed in creating a rich and fulfilling life.

Access the book and its bonus materials today so you can apply them immediately. If you don’t see a change within 30 days, I will give you a no-questions-asked refund, right down to the last cent.


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to the premium formula, ‘How to Succeed in Business’ and bonuses:

PS: When you know your values precisely, after reading Chapter 1, you can expect big changes in your life. You’ll find opportunities tailored to your profile, which will contribute to your enrichment in an aligned and authentic way. Create your abundance by remaining yourself – I strongly believe that it is there nothing more important.

PPS: For $67, you will receive How to Succeed in Business and $197 of bonuses. Be quick! The bonuses are only available for a few days. Order today to take advantage of them. As a reminder, there is no risk to you with the money back guarantee.


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