The Alchemy of Money

A real principle that will open the channels of abundance in line with your values

In a few minutes, you will understand why you are already quietly attracting money.

You may have already heard about the Law of Attraction. In which case it is no news to you that money and hardship are mutually exclusive. Sometimes, the more you live in hardship, the greater your financial stress will be.

Fortunately, you will be able to apply the alchemy of money which has been revealed at last. All you need to do is continue to read this article.

First of all, to understand what this is about, let me narrate the story of an ordinary-looking woman whose life was transformed.

A career transformed by abundance

Mary was a coach. Not only did she not grow in her former job but she was also gnawed at by fatigue and stress. So, she acted out of self-love; she quit her job and started a business based on her reputation.

As a single mother, she raised her 15-year old daughter alone. The girl was in secondary school. In 3 years, she would be in the university. This thought causes Mary’s stomach to get all knotted up because she did not really have enough funds to cover her expenses at the time. One big depressing question kept coming to her mind: what if her project destroyed the future of the one person she loved most in the world?

At each birthday, Mary was used to offering 2 gifts to her daughter: a modern item (dress, electronic gadget …), and a book. This year, she chose a very special book. She loved the career of a female author she had heard about one day during her training as a coach. By offering her this gift, she hoped to show her an inspiring career as a woman and a professional.

“Mum, you really have to read this! “

Mary read the book, very quickly because she was kind of hypnotised going from one page to the next. She applied the 12 principles of the Alchemy of Money. It seemed so simple that she was stunned
“But how can this work”? She read the book a second time, but much slowly this time. She did not try to categorise the information since the work had already been done.

The following day, the phone rang. It was a client she had re-contacted in a very clever and funny way after reading the book. He proposed her a huge one-year contract including travel costs and lodging in 4 star hotels.

Mary lived her dream in total comfort without spending a dime and while earning big money. But that is not all because opportunities need to come together.

In fact, the opportunities were already there. But by bringing in the principles of the alchemy of money, she identified them as they truly are: natural and abundant. Mary’s greatest joy was knowing that going forward, whatever she did, she would experience abundance. Her business could collapse at any time, she would not worry about a thing.  She was having fun.

She knew she could always keep the channels of over-abundance open, and provide for all her needs as well as those of her daughter.

Who is a money coach?

Do not think that Mary’s story was an isolated case.

Like many coaches, she did not think money was the most important thing. She already knew that there was a spiritual aspect about money but she could not fully understand it to the point of falling in love with money.

Without further ado, this is the first secret to taking your first step towards financial freedom. It is very simple but unbelievably powerful. Bear this in mind right away.

From today going forward, tell yourself that money is your coach to lead you to more abundance hence, financial independence. It is the best coach you can have.

If you think about it carefully, you will see that it makes sense: is money not the one thing that can empower you to face your greatest fears? Does it not make you face what you dread the most?

Whenever you depend on your finances, seek solutions by asking your new coach (the first on earth that will pay you to coach you!) how to act.

What cuts you off from abundance

You have met your new coach. Now you will understand the source of all your money-related problems.

Even if you make enough money in life, it does not automatically mean that you are rich. You become rich from the moment you can feel completely serene about money. That is you know deep inside of you and with all your mind that you will never lack anything.

It is possible and I will show you how. But first, you should know what is holding you back today.

You may be aware that we are all responsible for whatever situation we find ourselves in today. And this is also true with money.

It seems unfair to you. You do your best to make a decent living for your family; however, every month comes with unplanned expenses.

So, you deprive yourself of what makes you happy just to be able to make ends meet. The frustration increases with each passing month because it is not the first time you are experiencing this.

People are succeeding all around you. Your stomach gets all knotted up because you are not successful. You ask yourself, with a hint of shame, how you can be stuck in these mediocre results.

Even though the principle of accountability always applies in this case, know that it is not just your fault and that you are not alone.

For years, it has been engraved in your neurons and whole body that you can be struck by poverty at any time.

You may have grown up in lack. You may have seen loved ones go from wealth to poverty. The accumulation of all these events records in your DNA that money is responsible for all these pains.

So you want money to live well, but at the same time you are a little disgusted by it. It is as if you constantly express resentment towards your partner but at the same time you demand that s/he be always and harmoniously present!  (Yes, many couples do this and they are not the happiest).

So you understand that it will be necessary to change your relationship with money to make it easier for it to enter your life. Switch to the love money mode, without any guilt. You will start now by doing the following.

Raise your fears and attract money naturally: the process

If you read this page, you probably know that money has an energy dimension. Everything is energy and it is truer for a flow.

Cash flow is a movement and therefore an energy. It goes well beyond a piece of paper or metal. Currently, billions of currencies circulate electronically. Electrons that move are energy.

Money is energy. It’s neutral. Money is neither good nor bad. It is money. Period.

What you should do is integrate positive beliefs about money into your cells, and eliminate those that pull you down. And the best way to do that is by playing.

Why? Because playing works your joy and your well-being internally.  Well-being is serenity and therefore peace in the face of money.

You should be at peace with yourself too. Then, the floods of abundance that you keep closed will open very big.

It is to enable you to experience this deep peace that I wrote a very special book titled Make Peace with Money. It is a guide to play alchemists’ games, it’s your back to work book that will brighten up your winter.

While everyone will be morose after paying taxes, nostalgic for the holidays while working hard, your soul will be happy. Because you will play every day. And the more you play, the more your relationship with money will grow!

In a few weeks you record incredible results. Wait until you have these results before talking to your loved ones. Because results are the best arguments, and people around you will not be able to discourage you once you are where you want to be.

What to Expect in Make Peace with Money

You will play, enjoy it, play and play again. Doing this alone is taking action! There lies the challenge.

You will also find:

  • The 12 guiding principles of the alchemy of money
  • Why and how you persistently cut-off the flow of abundance
  • The alchemists’ game that will multiply your financial resources by 4,6 if this is your choice
  • Clarification on the Law of Attraction (as the Queen of Attraction, I have seen too many people make this mistake that spoils all good intentions)
  • How Love and Money are one and the same, and why it’s great news for your wallet
  • Free those parts of the cosmos in you that lead to the famous quantum leap
  • Play a new game every day: in 15 days your neural maps will have metamorphosed, and your unconscious limiting beliefs cleared away
  • How to be (sincerely) grateful for your financial failures and no longer carry the weight of this pain
  • Easily integrate the spirituality of money to create a lasting relationship with it
  • The alchemists’ game to embed the notion of over-abundance in your cells, and close the gaps created by your environment
  • And many other surprises!

Why you should NOT read me

As an author, I am going to point out with transparency the (voluntary) defect of my book: I chose to write it in an extremely compassionate tone.

If you are looking for what all the other ‘abundance experts are doing, namely kicking the backside (to be polite), rehashing what you are doing wrong in the name of the principle of accountability, you can close this page. What follows is not for you.

In fact, I wrote these texts with so much love and compassion that those whose souls are still blurred by a very strong ego will say that it is too “la la land-ish” or that “it is not possible to enrich one’s self with such childish exercises”.

Childish is the right word. The reconnection with your inner child and his desires is simply vital. So you will play. Play to become rich. Play to create a feeling of permanent fulfilment, and an infinite tranquillity in you.

From today going forward, you can forget about the grasshopper and the ant fables. Become the grasshopper who gets the same results as the ant without slaving away.  Because each of your actions undertaken towards financial growth will be done in happiness.  It cannot be otherwise to savour every step on the way to your overabundance of love and money.

Those who know me say of me…

Do not take my word for it, and read what others say about my work.

(As a reminder, the law states that false testimony is punishable by 5 years imprisonment and a fine of € 75,000).

I finished reading it on Sunday. Then something quite amazing happened, which I must tell you. At 9:00 this Sunday, a relative called me and asked for 400 € to buy the first parts for the maintenance of my car. I gave him the money with joy because I am lucky to have someone to repair my car (I had been to several inconsiderate repair shops until then). Then I finished the last two chapters of the book. At 11am, I received a payment of 100 €. At 11:30 am, I received 200 €. Gratitude, obviously. In the evening, he called to tell me that the parts would be cheaper than expected, about 350 €. Report at the end of the day: it is as if I paid 50 € for repairs initially estimated at 400 €. You know me, I am a scientist and even if I am open-minded, intuitive, I like to keep my feet on the ground. But now, I really cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds for me!

Hermione B.

And exceptional bonuses

I did not tell you everything! To celebrate the release of Make Peace with Money I offer for the same price products sold differently in ordinary times.

They were offered for 3 days only.

What are they?

Abundance Express Pass Make Peace with Money (Price $197)

This bonus is very very special; I also hesitated for a long time before publishing it. As you know, I love my job and share my knowledge.

But in this book, I address especially intimate issues, such as my deep existential questions and some details about my income.

However, I want to offer you the best, and so I agreed to lift a modesty veil for a few moments. In a few days this bonus will be withdrawn.

With this Abundance Express Pass, you will be able to accelerate the teachings of Make Peace with Money.

It is some kind of toolbox that you will be able to use after you have acquired the basics of the book. They will help you beautify the effects of games you would have learned beforehand.

It’s not just any kind of tool. You may be a little shaken by the second. Self-love sometimes requires one to do unusual things.

Nothing shameful or difficult, on the contrary. But a lot of sincerity awaits you and it is mind blowing! You will understand clearly what is pulling you down. You’ll get a little more acquainted with yourself, and forgive that part of you that hurt you because it honestly meant to protect you.

It is time for you to leave the past where it is, that is, in the past. With this video, you’ll know exactly how to do it.

Listen and listen again, at any time, to raise the levers of over-abundance!

What you will learn at the end of this interview:

  • Stop exhausting yourself to gain financial freedom.
  • The biggest obstacle to the lives of business men. Are you standing right on top of it?
  • The inner conflict that lives in you and how to create a balance
  • Feel comfortable to double your income: this can be learned!
  • Triple your feeling of peace, within and around you.
  • Bonus: the mp3 audio format of the Pass to carry along everywhere you go! Ideal for teaching you how to become rich, while continuing your daily activities.

How to create your ideal abundance channels (Price $67)

This is the bonus of a product that is no longer available for sale. You will not find it anywhere else.

This very special game will transform your way of making money.

If you do not have time to read the book right away, and this can be understood because one may get busy very quickly, just listen to this video while doing any other thing.

Thus, you make progress without having the impression of losing out on other activities. No extra time required on your timetable, but the results will save you years of work.

What happens during this process?

I am going to give you a step by step guide on the way. Just follow the guide to enjoy all the ultra-positive effects of this game.

Yes, it’s still a fun tool! You spend your days working hard, so why stress more to enrich yourself?

Follow the steps, and in a few minutes you will open new channels of abundance.

These are new sources of income in line with your values. I explain everything so that you do not have a cluttered mind full of questions such as “How do I do this? And that? “

The creation of channels of abundance is a tool that has produced spectacular results for the clients I coach in my private practice. With this advice alone you will have the opportunity to unlock years of financial frustrations.

It’s simple once you get the right information!

What is the cost of this exceptional pack?

Let’s talk about the facts; I will not present 10 pages before giving the price.

The cost of the complete pack is 361 €. Indeed, in 3 days, Make Peace with Money will be sold at 97 € and it will no longer be on promotion.

This price is already very low given the investment made to collect all the valuable information found there.

I’ve been overseas, I spent hours in libraries reading boring experts, and I did some ant work to get everything back into play games that work. I know this because I observed it. So it took an additional phase of experimentation before the publication of Make Peace with Money.

It was an exciting job that deserves fair compensation.

Today, you are not going to pay 361 €, nor 247 €, nor even 97 €.

If you act now that you are ready to play with your inner child and live in abundance and more joy, you will get the entire pack (book + bonus) for $ 67.

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How do I know if this will work for me?

To find out, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to live in financial abundance?
  • Do I want to stick to the rule, be ethical and authentic?
  • Am I ready to play and reconnect with my inner child?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, you are ready to fully enjoy Make Peace with Money.

How is Make Peace with Money different from other books on the laws of financial success?

I was among the first to teach the law of attraction in the French-speaking world. It is true that since then, resources on the subject have increased greatly. Nevertheless, the number of my clients has never stopped growing. Firstly, because I remained genuine; secondly because I have always been seeking new knowledge. Being in contact with America’s leading experts on the law of attraction such as Bob Proctor for example allowed me to bring new resources to the French-speaking market.

Make Peace with Money is the collection of the most POWERFUL principles I have experienced in my financial life and those of my school. I have observed hundreds of situations, finding common ground between their systematic success and failure.

And for the 10th principle, I was in the United States recently to bring it into the book for you. Although I live in superabundance, I continue to train myself to introduce my clients to the best principles of enrichment.

What happens after I place my order?

You will immediately receive a copy of Make Peace with Money in pdf format as well as bonuses to download. Save them on your device for reading even off-line.

What if I'm not satisfied?

My priority is to offer premium quality content. I want each of my clients to be served like a king. If for any reason you were not satisfied, your payment will be reimbursed in full within 30 days.

I take all the risk for myself because I want to see you succeed in creating a rich and fulfilling life. If you do not want to try again, if you are not satisfied with the content, if you do not like the font style, simply send me an email and I will reimburse your payment within 7 days without question.

Get the book and its bonuses today, apply the principles right away. If you do not experience any change within 30 days, I will reimburse your full payment without question.

Click below for IMMEDIATE access to the
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As a reminder, here is what you will get:

  • A digital copy of Make Peace with Money (Price: $ 97)

Accessible on any electronic device: smartphone, tablet, reading, PC…

+ exceptional bonuses

  • Abundance Express Pass Make Peace with Money (Price: $197)

This Pass has an accelerating effect on the book. I offer you a video of very private aspects of my life. You will receive accurate information that will push you even faster on the path to your freedom.

Watch and watch again, at any time, to raise the levers of overabundance!

As bonus, you will find an audio file in mp3 format. You will have no excuse to continue to deny yourself wealth, because I am always present to coach you, if you wish!

  • How to create your ideal abundance channels (price: $ 67)

In 11 minutes, you will have transformed your vision of the money that comes to you.

Practice at any time. Listen to it in the car while going to work for example; you will be inspired to play all day long!

Cost of the pack: 361 € nor 247$> 97 $ (Limited time offer).

To your Abundance, and with all my Love.

Marcelle della Faille


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