The Principle of Wealth is moved by Faith; nothing else can call it into action, and only faith can enable you to relate yourself to wealth, and sever your relation with need, in your thoughts.

You will continue to think of need unless you have faith in wealth. If you do not have faith you will doubt; if you doubt, you will fear; and if you fear, you will relate yourself in mind to that which you fear.

If you fear need, you will think of yourself in connection with need; and that will produce within yourself the form and motions of need. Just as Original Substance creates from itself the forms of its thoughts, so your mind-body, which is original substance, takes the form and motion of whatever you think about. If you fear need, dread need, have doubts about your safety from need, or if you even contemplate need, you will connect yourself with it and create its forms and motions within you.

Let me enlarge somewhat upon this point. The potency, or creative power, of a thought is given to it by the faith that is in it.Thoughts which contain no faith create no forms.The Formless Substance, which knows all truth and therefore thinks only truth, has perfect faith in every thought, because it thinks only truth; and so all its thoughts create.

But if you will imagine a thought in Formless Substance in which there was no faith, you will see that such a thought could not cause the Substance to move or take form.Keep in mind the fact that only those thoughts which are conceived in faith have creative energy. Only those thoughts which have faith with them are able to change function, or to quicken the Principle of Wealth into activity.

From The Science of Being Well… revised and adapted to the search for wealth!

My Conclusion ;o) “If you have faith, you believe. If you believe, you dare. And if you dare, you connect in spirit to what makes you dare. If you dare wealth, you think about yourself in connection with wealth and this produces in you the form and the motions of wealth.”

May Abundance be with you!



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