Quite simply: just open up to the essence of the divine intelligence within you, enjoying all the spiritual gifts that you have and investing in them and using them.

In other words, investing in our thoughts consists in using them in order to expand them. It is about giving them more room to vibrate at a higher frequency and to vibrate at the frequency of prosperity.

Here are some examples of spiritual gifts. There is love, gratitude, creativity, imagination; everything in fact that any being on the planet uses to live their life, and that we, as entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, etc., use more of, the more we create our business.

When all these gifts circulate, our vibration increases, and we draw even more of this frequency to us.

That is what is magical about the law of attraction. When we act deliberately, we are more abundant and more prosperous. When our gifts and our spiritual capital are properly used, opportunities arise, or we get inspired, resulting in 10,000$, 100,000$, or even 1 million$ being manifested. You might get this kind of idea in the shower, at the wheel of your car, or in any moments of relaxation.

Suddenly, you get an idea that you quickly and easily implement, and money flows in, in huge amounts.

If you are not an entrepreneur, you’ll have an idea of something to do, perhaps in the form of volunteer work, for example, that all of a sudden will open up a new channel of abundance to you.

The blocks to the development of prosperity

One of the blocks to the development of prosperity in our life is the very human belief in separation.

Let’s think again our physical shell. We are all like drops of water individualised into an outer shell that seems separated from the shells of other people. In reality, this is all an illusion. We are not separated from each other. As long as we believe this to be the case, we are limited. We limit ourselves.

In fact, we are the Source. We are unlimited. Not feeling good enough nor sufficiently worthy to receive — for example when somebody won’t dare to speak for fear of “complaining” about others or being judged — prevents you from receiving new ideas, advice or support, and keeps you in a state of fear. When you are afraid, you can no longer give love nor receive it.

I experienced this very intensely when I was a teenager. I realised, after several years of quite intense depression, that nobody else could make me happy. And that nobody else was going to make me happy. It was up to me to decide. It was a choice. I chose to be happy, to become love and receive love. Many people around me gave me lots of love, but I could not receive it. My mind was immediately making an excuse out of it: they are interested in you or it is because they need you, etc. This undermined the relationship I had with people.

One day, I said: “Now, that’s enough!” I brushed away these doubts and I decided to believe in the goodness of anybody paying me a compliment. Even today, I sometimes fall into these bad feelings.

Unconsciously choosing not to trust life, not to trust others or to be afraid to love, all this makes you repel the abundance you want to attract.

Today, DECIDE to open yourselves deliberately to compliments and love. You’ll be more prosperous, more magnetic and more loving too!

If you want to be more prosperous, learn to be DELIBERATE and LOVING. Let me help you develop a NEW SENSE of LOVE and PLEASURE in your life and your business, so that you manifest money, friends, time and FUN, easily.

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