At the beginning of August, my mentor left a message on our Mastermind FB group proposing that we take stock of our progress so far.

(Yes, I continue to get mentoring because I believe that the only school worth learning is the School of Life).

She offered us several questions to ask ourselves, very practical and pragmatic… and quantified.

My first reaction was: Oh no, again!

The second was: I agree to do it, but it will take me some time, and calculations…

The third was: Finally, good idea! Yes! Let’s gather the information and see where I stand and what I want to achieve by the end of the year.

We are all made up of many inner voices, or many facets. Each of these facets follows one or more thought patterns, which create specific emotions.

This dance between our facets is constant, and interesting to observe with each new decision to be made.

Mastering these facets is vital if we are to be able to deliberately advance towards our goal.

Mastering our attention will help us master our journey.

If you are faced with a new decision to make, a new direction to follow or a new chapter to write in your life, I invite you to step back and observe ‘who’ is reacting first and foremost to the opportunities that arise:

Is it the “reactive” side of yourself, your usual train of thought, more often focused on the fear of lack, or the frustration of not daring?

This visceral facet “reacts” rather than consciously “responds” to what happens.

Is it the “Yes, but” aspect that envisions only difficulties because she wants to do everything on her own? Or who postpones everything to avoid discomfort?

Or is it the facet that says: Yes! Good idea, and who knows that the Universe is there to help you create the result you want?

Master your thoughts, emotions and actions, by first mastering your attention!

Balance being conscious and letting go, so you can make powerful decisions!

You will quickly see that this time space is no longer a limiting constraint when you let the Universe carry you forward, each doing her part to manifest your realized desires.

Play the game with me:

>> What do you want to create by the end of the year, balancing consciousness and letting go?

PS: Master your attention. join the DLMA Financial Abundance Training (Divine Love – Money – Attraction) and have fun every day balancing being conscious of your current ‘reality’ with letting go. Play’ with your money, your business partner who wants you to succeed and inspires you to think Big and ask and receive more!

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