Desire consists in favoring certain things and passionately wishing for them. Desire relies on the personal preferences of each. These preferences are innate or develop over the years and experience. The contrast we are faced with all the time gives rise in us to recognizing our desires. Then, we simply need to accept them. And put them into action.

Our desires change and evolve all the time. The evolution of these desires is more than enjoyable. It allows us to feel a fresh, new awareness. It makes us face new adventures, makes us experience an invigorating amazement, each idea filling us with a new emotion.
When it breathes life into us, desire shows us that we are connected to our inner knowledge.

The power of desire lies essentially in the clear image it offers. This detailed mental image, which we constantly see in front of us when we close our eyes and think of our desire, has the power to move mountains.

Our role consists in imagining our desire as clearly and as specifically as possible to obtain a sharp, clear and precise Image. We want to spend our free time visualizing this mental image and feeling in the setting of this already accomplished desire. How do we live? What do we do? How do we feel about this accomplished desire?

This is where the creative power of desire lies in us. This is how our thoughts create the shape of our deepest desires.

The impression made by this feeling on the Formless Substance is the key to the manifestation we want to see appear in our lives. It is through the Well-Being we feel when we imagine our accomplished desire that the thought of our desires will create a link towards their accomplishment. This link is essential and primordial in the creation process.

Bu focusing our thoughts on a desire, we send a message to the Universe. The Universe receives this message and responds to it immediately. There is no doubt about that. By feeling this desire in each one of our cells, we imprint our thought on the Formless Substance bathing the Universe, and this substance instantaneously put in motion the process of manifestation and creation.

The Universe’s response is immediate.

Job done! This is what the Universe tells us whilst setting in motion the creation we are requesting. We can then adopt the Attitude of Possession by undertaking the actions the visualization of our clear image, our detailed desire, inspires in us.

By imagining our accomplished desire and feeling it as such, we do “as if” it was already present in our lives, and we emit the vibration of true Well-Being. We experience a pleasant feeling which attracts precisely this pleasant atmosphere into our experience.

The game of “let’s pretend I was” our children play is the fuel of the creation game. You are now imagining where their power lies!
Believing in the goal we have set for ourselves is also very important. Our desire is our goal. We must prove to be determined to accomplish it. By focusing on its detailed image, by continuously focusing on the feeling of Well-Being it provides, we breathe Life into our dream. We bring it force and power.

Having faith in the manifestation of the clear image we have in us is crucial. Each time we doubt, we can redirect our mind to our ultimate goal. Strongly believing in the goal we have set for ourselves allows us to move steadily in its direction. It is by moving towards our target with faith and determination that we will undertake the inspired actions leading us to it. The clear image we have created in our mind is the beacon guiding us in the right direction. We no longer let the sometimes burdening reality around us distract us. We move forward with a firm and assured step towards the edge of our accomplished dream.

Inspired Action

Create the clear image of your primary desire and feel it into all of your cells. Every day, for 5 to 10 minutes, visualize your mental image in all its details.


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