Here is a simple yet powerful game to play : tell yourself, I ask the divine part in me to open myself up to a new abundance channel, without knowing what it will be.

This requires you to begin to believe in the magic of life and in miracles, and not just believe that the money will arrive through your business, or your job, or stocks.

When I go on holiday, money arrives into my bank accounts and my pockets. I go for a walk with my children, and money comes in. Not only through my business. There are lots of potential channels, and the universe has a lot of ideas. It has more ideas than you about the channels through which money could come to you.

Develop awareness of your prosperity making the link between love and money. Live with a loving heart.

Imagine something very simple: whenever you feel a huge ‘no’ within you, this week, have fun transforming it. If someone  makes you a proposal, and resistance appears in the form of a no, then give yourself time to relax and to tell yourself, and what if I opened myself up to a yes? What if I said yes to this request or to this invitation?

In general, you will see that you relax, and you will find a form of ‘joie de vivre’ and lightness. What makes you shy away from it, is your mind’s resistance. It is not Source within you. It is the mind that does this.

Then, ask yourself how could I have a more loving and more open heart this week?

Because having a loving and open heart, is to learn to trust and to live less within your head or your intellect; it is less about analysis, comparison or justification and more about being in the flow and taking risks.

What other behaviour will help you develop your awareness of prosperity?

Learning to see Source and Divine Spirit everywhere. When you see Spirit in people, you’re in the moment because the Divine fills you. At this point, don’t let your mind take you back to a difficult past or plan a complicated future for you. No, instead go into the present moment.

The freshness of the present moment allows you to reconnect to Source and to receive new and inspired ideas, as well as to act in order to trust yourself, and to trust the Divine rather than staying in fear.

You also want to maintain communication with the Divine. Find a way, every day, to reconnect yourself to Source. Apply rituals to help you: light a candle, listen to music that makes you feel great, enjoy five to ten minutes of walking in nature, or go out and touch the leaves of a tree. Find ways to reconnect with the Divine and maintain this relationship to help you remain well above the material world. Indeed, the material world, in general, helps maintain an atmosphere of fear, limitation and separation.

Then, dedicate your energy to your vision rather than observing where you are today. It is good to look at where you are today in order to be able to then launch new challenges for yourself and tell yourself, I’m going to create this new programme. I only have four participants and I want to increase this number, what are my options? This is how you regain power.

You don’t say, I had planned to have ten participants and I only have four, beating your chest or blaming yourself. No, instead, take the high ground and say, maybe I could send a new e-mail, or, for a money-related example, my goal is to have as much revenue every month. For now, I’m not even reaching half this amount. What are my options?

Often, you will notice that a part of you is not opened to receiving more than a certain amount, or to receiving money from some people, or in a certain way, etc. You might be convinced that money must arrive via your business, or through your work or a job. It’s impossible that it might happen in any other way.

I invite you to open yourself to other channels of abundance.


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