The more we develop the belief that anything is possible and that we can get the essence of everything that we want, the less we will need to possess things. We just have to feel as the ‘owner’ of the pleasure that these things can bring us. And in this case, we get out of the games played by many people in the materialistic system that encourages us to think and say, “I must have a house, I must have several houses, I must have large amounts on my bank account”.

No, you can pretty much do as that lady in one of my trainings who, as she was on vacation in Tahiti, was traveling in a cab along a beautiful avenue of magnificent villas, and felt ‘owner’ of each of these villas and of each of the sports cars she was admiring while passing by, without the need to own them really.

We are all one. I am you, and you are me. What I possess, you own it infinitely. Everything you admire around you – be it a quality or an object, a house, a yacht or anything – you are the ‘owner’ of it, as long as you feel the pleasure of enjoying the essence of this object or this relationship.

  • Feel the essence of what you want: this is the shortcut to attract everything that you want, regardless of the beliefs that you could still hold and that might still hamper you.

As long as you believe that some beliefs are holding you back, you amplify this ‘reality’. On the other hand, if you accept the idea that an unconscious belief is not activated by your conscious focus – even if some people say that the belief is visible in your aura – this belief will not alienate the arrival of your desires.

Expand rather the belief that ‘only the things that you believe in and that you are aware of believing are slowing you’.

As soon as you believe that, all unconscious beliefs will be totally disactivated and will have very little impact on you. They will arise at one time or another of your progress on a new turn, but you will transform them consciously in the moment. You will not be dragging them behind you anymore.

I hear many participants in my workshops say “I have blocks, I have beliefs that hold me back, how do I transform them?”

=> Stop believing that beliefs are holding you back. This is the first step.

=> Instead, place your attention on everything that supports you and everything that uplifts you.

=> Go ahead, draw your way, pursue your vision. Believe that by moving towards your vision, you let go of everything that hinders you. You lighten yourself this way. And you stop supplying fuel to your ego, that only thinks about what is blocking you or what is slowing you down, since that’s its reason for being.

The mind likes to stay in the ‘known’. It is afraid of the ‘unknown’. It would rather see you stay in your ‘frame’ and within your limits, and not see you get out of that comfort zone. And you want to do the opposite.

You want to unfold. You want to take flight, go ahead and leap. So, do it.

  • Do not give any more importance to your beliefs, or to people who tell you that you have any beliefs.
  • Do attach importance to people who support you in your expansion, exactly where you are.

You are perfect, right where you are.

Everything is perfect.


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