Some months ago, I received a touching testimonial from one of my high-level clients, who shared with me her success and her realized dream of becoming a Great Coach and Leader!

She also shared that her partner, since our last meeting, had remained unemployed for five years, and then had only managed to get a low-paid job. So that, they had decided to split ways.

She ended her message by saying: I do not understand how this was possible. And added: I would just like to have the support of a financially responsible man, able to be a real pillar in the couple.

If you are a woman (or a man, since it can work the other way around) and you see yourself thrive while your partner, even when following the same training as you, does not manage to take off …

here’s what I recommend:

=> Be your best partner yourself first. Learn to ‘count on yourself’ and to listen to yourself, so you can rely on your own pillar, while ‘breathing’ and making your life sweet … and the ideal man or partner will appear.

If you have arrived at the same stage as my Leader client, asking yourself: how did we get here? you first need to take care of yourself, of your community, and regain your joie de vivre and enthusiasm.

No man nor partner can bring you this … if YOU do not take the time to give it to yourself, in your intimate space, alone, daily, to discover your Feminine and Masculine Inner Strength.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

• How could you give yourself this ‘breath’ and this sweet life?

• What actions can you take to ‘know’ that you can ‘count’ on yourself?

• Can you ‘give’ yourself love and support, here and now?

Remember this:  you are always on the right road.

I know you can do this ;o)

P.S. Got a friend or colleague wanting to make more money while respecting their values? Let them know they can grab a free chapter of my book Make Peace with Money here (they’ll love you for it!).

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