angerHave you noticed that extreme anger is often beneficial? This inner fire or volcano that wakes up in you often expresses an unheard emotion that has not been listened to and repressed for too long. This anger reminds you that one of your major values ​​is not respected and warns you that it is time to take care of it and probably set a new limit.

It often allows you to escape from a kind of numbness in which you have settled for fear of setting that limit, of making yourself respected and therefore of facing the risk of losing the love of others, or of provoking a reaction not desired, from your entourage.

Often this allows you to reposition yourself in an important situation, for the better in the future.

To no longer experience these outbursts of anger and get to feel it rise and then calm it quickly, there is a simple solution. Listen to yourself more, and take action – set your boundaries – from the first impulse, from the first feeling of discomfort.

And if you want to eradicate small angers or beginnings of anger for minor subjects – you know, those tantrums that are for example the relationships we have with certain administrations, those ‘headlocks’ type of angers, where it is of no use to get angry?

How do you prevent these feelings?

Indeed, if you anticipate multiple annoyances from a certain administration, from the point of view of attraction, it could make things worse.

This is a beautiful question that many people are certainly asking themselves today ;o)

In fact, I noticed that when I use a tool as simple as ho’oponopono, my ‘general’ anger (my angry frequency) appears less often.

I think the question should be asked otherwise.

The new question having nothing to do with anger ;o)

How can I be in PEACE inside and with myself as often as possible?

It is about raising your vibration so that it settles permanently in the range of frequencies between hope, confidence and absolute conviction, then love, supreme joy, etc.

Using anger as a springboard to feel better, is a wonderful way to rise up toward these higher emotions. Here is how you do this:

1. You reclaim your creative power:

Think of ‘pivoting’ very fast, by recognizing that these administrative delays and other unpleasant external circumstances are co-created by your vibration.

2. You raise your vibration:

Say affirmations like:

‘Everything is already there’ (yes, even the missing papers …; o)
‘Everything is perfect’
‘I surrender this situation to the hands of the Universe’
‘The Universe takes divine care of my stuff’

3. You experiment, and test this continuously

Soon, you will see that you will not react in the same way as before …

I wish you lots’ of fun with this!

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